Our regular bulb store is open with bulbs and other plants for flowering in the summer. Order as soon as possible, and at the latest by March 12th.
Note that the number of bulbs in a pack is given after the hyphen in the product code. NBC-10D shows that you get 10 bulbs for the stated price.
Chelsea and Chatsworth in 2017. We have been accepted to have displays at both of these shows, as well as Harrogate and Gardening Scotland.

Gold at Chelsea in 2016! Our best display so far drew accolades from the general public and the great and good of horticulture. You can see some photos here.

Earlier, we won a Premier Gold award at Harrogate Spring Flower Show, and later followed that up with Premier Gold at Gardening Scotland.
Plant catalogue. All the new plants raised this year are in our new catalogue, active from September 12th 2016. The printed version, available at shows and talks or on receipt of 3 first-class stamps, was produced in May. The range of blue Meconopsis has been expanded, and there are some primulas available for the first time ever.

Change but no change!
Stella and David Rankin are delighted to announce that they have secured the long-term future of the nursery.

Elea Strang, who joined the team five years ago and has been sales supervisor, is the new owner, along with her husband, Frank.

Stella and David are not going away! They will work with Elea, together with Graham, as manager, particularly on design projects and shows, two aspects they love. So the same people are here, but in different roles, with the same wonderful team and the same great range of plants. And we shall all be at the same shows.

Look out for lots of exciting new ideas, developments and - of course - lots of new plants.

Here are Stella and Elea on the change-over day.
Not just little plants! There are many trees and shrubs that grow in the mountains, and our plant store includes lots of unusual ones. You can filter on trees or shrubs if you want to search for them; go to "Filter by attributes" in the left-hand panel of the store.

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