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Code A Size Price
AXS-2 Abutilon x suntense       2 litre pot £9.00
Large shrub with lots of pale mauve mallow flowers.
UBW-9 Acaena buchananii       9 cm pot £4.00
Mats of pale grey-green leaves and round heads of flowers.
A62-9 Acaena magellanica subsp. georgiaeaustralis       9 cm pot £4.00
One of the very few flowering plants from South Georgia. Rusty brown burrs.
AM7-1 Acaena microphylla 'Kupferteppich'       1 litre pot £5.00
A low-growing mat of fine bronze leaves with small yellow flowers and red burrs.
AOB-1 Acaena ovalifolia       1 litre pot £6.00
Trailing alpine with small flowers followed by burrs of seedheads.
U6N-9 Acaena saccaticupula       9 cm pot £4.00
Blue-grey foliage contrasts with short-stemmed red/bronze flowers and burrs.
UM2-2 Acanthus mollis       2 litre pot £8.00
'Bear's breeches'; tall spikes of purple hooded white flowers and jagged leaves.
AYY-9 Achillea clavennae       9 cm pot £4.00
Large flat white flower heads above toothed greyish green leaves.
U6T-2 Achillea 'Summer Pastels'       2 litre pot £8.00
Soft flat clusters of flowers in a very wide range of pastels colours.
A38-2 Achillea 'Terracotta'       2 litre pot £8.00
Large flat heads of burnt orange flowers over feathery leaves.
AWF-2 Achillea 'Walter Funcke'       2 litre pot £8.00
Orange-red flowers over silver-green foliage.
AUO-9 Aciphylla scott-thomsonii       9 cm pot £4.00
Largest and most impressive New Zealand spear grass.
U72-9 Aciphylla squarrosa       9 cm pot £5.00
Very sharply pointed leaves producing a dramatic tall spike of tiny flowers.
LAE-5B Acis autumnalis AGM     5 bulbs £5.00
Autumn snowflake. Small, white, hanging bells.
U7C-9 Aconitum anthora       9 cm pot £5.00
Pale yellow flowers monkshood flowers and deeply cut blue-green foliage.
UNB-2 Aconitum x cammarum 'Bicolor' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Dense clusters of rich blue-and-white monkshood flowers.
UCT-1 Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii Group       1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes of large, blue, hooded flowers in summer; attractive glossy green leaves.
UHU-9 Aconitum hemsleyanum var. unguiculatum       9 cm pot £6.00
Lovely climber with dark purple-blue monkshood flowers.
U7F-9 Aconitum napellus subsp. vulgaris       9 cm pot £5.00
A monkshood with compact spikes of violet to deep blue flowers.
A63-1 Aconitum piepunense       1 litre pot £6.00
Rare tall perennial with loose spires of light blue hooded flowers.
APY-9 Actaea pachypoda AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Large white fruit on bright red stems.
USX-2 Actaea simplex 'Brunette' AGM     2 litre pot £10.00
Tall bottlebrush heads of pinkish white flowers above dark divided leaves.
US3-2 Actaea simplex 'Pink Spike'       2 litre pot £10.00
Dramatic perennial with spikes of ponk flowers, pale then darkening.
AYG-1 Adenophora liliifolia       1 litre pot £6.00
Leafy stems with drooping bell-shaped blue flowers, lightly scented.
U5Y-1 Adenophora stricta subsp. confusa       1 litre pot £6.00
Strong spikes bearing deep-blue to purple-blue nodding, bell-shaped flowers.
UTL-1 Adenophora tashiroi       1 litre pot £6.00
Herbaceous campanula relative with spikes of purple flowers.
UTH-9 Adenophora triphylla       9 cm pot £4.00
Erect stems with whorls of tubular blue flowers.
ARM-9 Aethionema armenum       9 cm pot £4.00
Shrublet with grey-green leaves and heads of pale pink flowers.
UAC-2 Agapanthus 'Albus'       2 litre pot £10.00
Clump-forming perennial with umbels of bell-shaped white flowers.
A5Y-2 Agapanthus campanulatus var. albidus       2 litre pot £9.00
Big round heads of white flowers and bright green upright leaves.
AL3-1 Agapanthus 'Lilliput'       1 litre pot £7.00
Compact clump of slender leaves with small umbels of dark blue flowers.
A7M-2 Agapanthus 'Peter Pan American'       2 litre pot £10.00
Dwarf agapanthus with blue flowers.
U6S-9 Agapanthus praecox       9 cm pot £5.00
Strap-like leaves and rich, dramatic blue flowers
UPU-1 Agapanthus 'Underway'       1 litre pot £7.00
Attractive, deciduous, clump-forming plant with soft pale blue flowers.
APK-1 Agave parryi AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Numerous creamy yellow flowers opening from pink-tinged buds.
UTU-9 Ajania trilobata       9 cm pot £5.00
Grey-white woolly leaves with stems of single, yellow, button-like flowers.
ARF-1 Ajuga reptans       1 litre pot £5.00
Low mats of bronze foliage with spikes of blue flowers.
A3V-1 Ajuga reptans 'Valfredda'       1 litre pot £5.00
Tiny mounds of narrow, chocolate-coloured leaves; spikes of dark blue flowers.
UBU-2 Alcea rosea 'Blacknight'       2 litre pot £9.00
A hollyhock with flowers that are such a dark maroon that they are almost black.
UFC-9 Alchemilla faroensis var. pumila       9 cm pot £4.00
A dwarf variety with silvery hairs highlighting the edge of deep green leaves.
AML-2 Alchemilla mollis AGM AM   2 litre pot £7.00
Silvery leaves and masses of tiny yellow-green flowers.
5HR-3B Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum f. album AGM     3 bulbs £4.00
Heads with masses of white flowers on long, arching pedicels.
A2D-1B Allium cristophii AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Huge spherical heads of pink flowers on short stems.
AE6-5B Allium cyatophorum var. farreri       5 bulbs £5.00
Compact species for the rock garden; nodding clusters of deep purple flowers.
AMP-1B Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Onion with dramatic heads of purple flowers.
AKI-1B Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen'       1 bulb £5.00
Broad, short, silver-grey leaves and spheres of white flowers.
5AC-3B Allium ledebourianum AGM     3 bulbs £4.00
Tight, almost spherical balls of pale pink-purple flowers.
ALY-5B Allium moly       5 bulbs £3.00
Bright golden yellow flowers above lance-shaped grey-green leaves.
AZM-5B Allium schoenoprasum       5 bulbs £4.00
Chives; narrow leaves topped with small, dense umbels of purple flowers.
ALS-5B Allium sphaerocephalon       5 bulbs £4.00
Dense umbels of deep crimson-purple flowers.
AUF-5B Allium unifolium AGM     5 bulbs £4.00
Umbel of open purple-pink bell-shaped flowers; short grey-green leaves.
UVH-3B Allium vineale 'Hair'       3 bulbs £4.00
Amazing globes of red-purple flowers with a green punk hairstyle.
UFX-5 Alnus fauriei       5 litre pot £25.00
Large shrub from Japan, rarely grown, with rounded leaves and long catkins.
AG2-5 Alnus glutinosa 'Laciniata'       5 litre pot £20.00
Form of alder; conical tree with yellow-brown catkins and cut leaves.
U3Z-2 Alnus sieboldiana       2 litre pot £10.00
An attractive alder from Honshu in Japan, making a large shrub.
UVI-5 Alnus viridis subsp. viridis       5 litre pot £20.00
Large shrub, unique in having catkins after the leaves emerge.
AUW-9 Amsonia tabernaemontana       9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely perennial with many dense, rounded panicles of pale blue flowers.
UDK-1 Anacyclus pyrethrum var. depressus AGM AM   1 litre pot £5.00
Mat of highly dissected leaves, large daisies with red buds.
UTO-1 Anaphalis triplinervis AGM     1 litre pot £3.00
Clumps of silver-grey foliage and clusters of long-lasting white flowers.
A5A-9 Anchusa capensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Erect biennial with masses of briilliant blue flowers.
AZ9-1 Andromeda polifolia 'Alisa'       1 litre pot £6.00
Low ericaceous shrublet with many small, bright pink, goblet-shaped flowers.
AZ8-1 Andromeda polifolia 'Grandiflora'       1 litre pot £6.00
Large clusters of pale pink flowers growing from glaucous green foliage.
AAM-9 Androsace armeniaca var. macrantha       9 cm pot £4.00
Umbels of white or pink flowers.
ACB-9 Androsace carnea subsp. brigantiaca       9 cm pot £4.00
White flowers over dark green foliage.
UCJ-7 Androsace carnea       7 cm pot £4.00
Cushions of deep green narrow leaves; umbels of white flowers with yellow eyes.
AJY-7 Androsace foliosa       7 cm pot £5.00
Mats of grey-green rosettes and clusters of pink flowers.
ALE-9 Androsace laevigata var. laevigata       9 cm pot £4.00
Low umbels of rose-pink/purple flowers with deep red eyes.
AMB-9 Androsace muscoidea   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of hairy rosettes, short-stemmed white flowers with a yellow eye.
DNC-7 Androsace nivalis Chumstick form       7 cm pot £5.00
Selected form with deep purple-red flowers over grey-green leaves.
APG-9 Androsace pyrenaica       9 cm pot £4.00
Cushion of tiny leaf rosettes and many white, yellow-eyed flowers.
A3W-9 Androsace rotundifolia   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Dense umbels of yellow-eyed pink flowers.
AT6-9 Androsace sarmentosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Lax rosettes of hairy leaves, flowers pink with yellow eyes.
ALA-7 Androsace sarmentosa var. watkinsii       7 cm pot £4.00
Umbels of pink or white flowers borne above a neat rosette.
AT8-9 Androsace sempervivoides AGM AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Low mat of rosettes with pale pink flowers.
AT5-7 Androsace spinulifera   PC F 7 cm pot £4.00
Hairy rosettes and clusters of deep pink flowers.
A67-9 Androsace spinulifera     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Hairy rosettes and clusters of deep pink flowers.
A2S-9 Androsace studiosorum AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Low mat of rosettes with bright pink flowers with a yellow eye.
AYA-7 Androsace yargongensis   PC   7 cm pot £4.00
Dark green rosettes with white or pink flowers.
UAO-9 Andryala agardhii       9 cm pot £4.00
Silver-white woolly leaves and bright yellow flowers.
AZE-1 Anemone altaica       1 litre pot £6.00
Heads of several wonderful showy purple or white flowers.
ABD-9 Anemone baldensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Large, white flowers over tufts of dissected, dark green leaves.
ABM-2 Anemone barbulata       2 litre pot £8.00
Clusters of numerous blue-backed, pure white flowers.
ABG-5B Anemone blanda blue-flowered       5 bulbs £4.00
Woodland ground cover; range of blues, including pale blue.
APX-1 Anemone caroliniana       1 litre pot £6.00
Glossy, deeply divided leaves and creamy white cupped flowers.
AE7-9 Anemone coelestina var. linearis     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely Himalayan species with lemon yellow flowers.
ADO-9 Anemone drummondii       9 cm pot £4.00
Divided leaves and creamy white flowers.
AHP-2 Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Pure white flower above deeply cut leaves.
AH9-2 Anemone x hybrida 'Queen Charlotte' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Herbaceous perennial with many large, semi-double pink flowers.
UHW-2 Anemone x hybrida 'Whirlwind'       2 litre pot £8.00
Semi -double white flowers with yellow centres on tall stems.
AXL-1 Anemone x lesseri       1 litre pot £6.00
Anemone with deeply divided leaves and bright red flowers.
ALJ-2 Anemone leveillei       2 litre pot £8.00
Waxy, white flowers flushed lilac on the back.
ALP-3B Anemone x lipsiensis 'Pallida' AGM AM   3 bulbs £4.00
Pale yellow hybrid between white A. nemorosa and yellow A. ranunculoides.
ULA-9 Anemone lyallii       9 cm pot £5.00
The western wood anemone, with pale blue, pink or white flowers.
AUU-9 Anemone multifida Annabella Series       9 cm pot £4.00
Upright stems with several deep rose pink flowers above multiply divided leaves.
AMR-1 Anemone multifida 'Rubra'       1 litre pot £6.00
A less common form, with crimson red flowers.
U5D-9 Anemone multifida       9 cm pot £4.00
Hairy, multiply divided leaves and creamy yellow or white flowers.
ANM-1 Anemone narcissiflora       1 litre pot £6.00
Showy white flowers, yellow in the centre and pink-tinged on the reverse.
ANQ-3B Anemone nemorosa AGM     3 bulbs £4.00
The wood anemone, with starry, pink-flushed white flowers.
UNP-3B Anemone nemorosa 'Bracteata Pleniflora'       3 bulbs £4.00
White flowers tipped with green, with a ruff of green bracts.
ANR-3B Anemone nemorosa 'Robinsoniana' AGM AM   3 bulbs £4.00
Wood anemone form with pale sky blue flowers.
AN6-3B Anemone nemorosa 'Vestal' AGM     3 bulbs £5.00
Beautiful wood anemone with double white flowers.
APT-9 Anemone parviflora       9 cm pot £4.00
Short erect stems with large, solitary white flowers; from sub-arctic regions.
AK7-9 Anemone polyanthes       9 cm pot £5.00
Lovely white flowers over serrated green, hairy leaves.
A3T-3B Anemone ranunculoides subsp. ranunculoides umz     3 bulbs £4.00
Deep yellow flowers over attractive dissected foliage.
A8Y-1 Anemone reflexa       1 litre pot £6.00
One to three white flowers with reflexed petals per stem.
A6B-2 Anemone rivularis     F 2 litre pot £8.00
Lovely white flowers, steely blue-grey on the back (and in bud).
A8M-1 Anemone rivularis     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely white flowers, steely blue-grey on the back (and in bud).
URQ-2 Anemone cf. rivularis     F 2 litre pot £8.00
Lovely white flowers, steely blue-grey on the back (and in bud).
ARA-9 Anemone rupicola       9 cm pot £4.00
Shiny green leaves and large white flowers, pink or purple on the outside.
A3A-9 Anemonella thalictroides       9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely, airy stems with lots of small pink or white flowers.
AQW-9 Anisotome lyallii       9 cm pot £4.00
Perennial umbellifer with finely cut dark green leaves and white flowers.
URL-1 Antennaria dioica rosea AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Mat of fine grey leaves with spikes of pink flowers.
ALD-1 Anthericum liliago       1 litre pot £6.00
St. Bernard's lily; stems of starry white flowers.
ARJ-1 Anthericum ramosum       1 litre pot £6.00
White, starry flowers; petals curve back when fully open.
AVF-1 Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccinea       1 litre pot £6.00
Variety of kidney vetch with bright red flowers.
AMF-1 Antirrhinum molle   AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Soft grey leaves and pink or white snapdragon flowers.
AKQ-1 Apiaceae SDR6117       1 litre pot £6.00
Very low alpine umbellifer, possibly Pleurospermum.
U68-9 Aquilegia atrata       9 cm pot £5.00
Dark violet flowers with a small white eye and short hooked spurs.
UAK-9 Aquilegia aurea       9 cm pot £4.00
A columbine with pale yellow hooded flowers.
ABE-9 Aquilegia barnebyi       9 cm pot £4.00
Peach-coloured sepals and yellow petals; from Colorado.
ABC-9 Aquilegia bertolonii AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf species with purplish blue spurred flowers.
UBI-1 Aquilegia buergeriana       1 litre pot £5.00
Compact clump of foliage with maroon and yellow flowers on slender stems.
AC3-1 Aquilegia canadensis AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Red flowers with yellow centres.
ALT-9 Aquilegia canadensis 'Little Lanterns'       9 cm pot £4.00
Brilliant red, spurred, nodding flowers with yellow corollas.
AC4-1 Aquilegia canadensis 'Nana'   PC   1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf form; red flowers with yellow centres.
UCU-9 Aquilegia chaplinei       9 cm pot £4.00
Rich yellow, long-spurred flowers, like a smaller version of A. chrysantha.
ACJ-1 Aquilegia coerulea AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Blue sepals, long-spurred, and white petals; from the Rocky Mountains.
UDX-9 Aquilegia desertorum       9 cm pot £5.00
Small, nodding flowers of red and yellow with green-grey foliage.
ADP-9 Aquilegia discolor       9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf species with blue spurred flowers with white centres.
AEL-9 Aquilegia elegantula       9 cm pot £4.00
Red flowers with yellow centres.
AJW-1 Aquilegia flabellata f. alba 'White Jewel'       1 litre pot £6.00
Selected white-flowered form of Aquilegia flabellata pumila.
AFP-1 Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Blue flowers with white centres; dwarf.
AFM-1 Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila f. alba AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
White-flowered form of this dwarf species.
UFR-9 Aquilegia fragrans or moorcroftiana       9 cm pot £4.00
Scented creamy white flowers.
AGD-9 Aquilegia glandulosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Large blue and white flowers.
AJB-9 Aquilegia jonesii       9 cm pot £4.00
Upturned blue or purple flowers with short spurs.
AKA-9 Aquilegia karelini       9 cm pot £5.00
Abundant, deep violet flowers with neat foliage.
UOK-1 Aquilegia oxysepala var. kansuensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely burgundy flowers with yellow cups and curved spurs.
APJ-9 Aquilegia pyrenaica dwarf form       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact alpine variety with purple-blue flowers and blue-green foliage.
UPJ-9 Aquilegia pyrenaica ex Pic d'Anie       9 cm pot £4.00
Deep blue, slightly purplish, flowers.
ARO-1 Aquilegia rockii     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Elegant, dusky purple flowers on slender branched stems.
ASS-9 Aquilegia saximontana       9 cm pot £4.00
Flower colours vary from light blue to violet to cream; blue-green leaves.
ASQ-1 Aquilegia scopulorum   AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely lavender-blue/violet flowers with long spurs and a creamy white centre.
AZG-1 Aquilegia sibirica       1 litre pot £6.00
Large, lilac-blue flowers above the foliage in spring.
UVD-1 Aquilegia vulgaris       1 litre pot £5.00
Tall stems of lilac-blue flowers, white edged in the centre.
UVM-9 Aquilegia vulgaris       9 cm pot £4.00
Tall stems of lilac-blue flowers, white edged in the centre.
ACU-1 Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata       1 litre pot £6.00
Usually pink flowers; an easily grown larkspur.
AGR-1 Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata 'Green Apples'       1 litre pot £6.00
Lime green double flowers, becoming cream edged with green.
AWG-9 Aquilegia vulgaris 'William Guiness'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dark purple flowers with white corollas.
AYB-1 Aquilegia yabeana       1 litre pot £6.00
Long-spurred flowers of the deepest ink blue.
A7R-9 Arabis androsacea       9 cm pot £4.00
Low mat of hairy rosettes with short-stemmed clusters of white flowers.
APV-9 Arabis procurrens 'Variegata' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Mat of variegated leaves and short stems with heads of small white flowers.
AXB-9 Arabis pumila       9 cm pot £3.00
A rosette producing an upright stem with a large round head of white flowers.
UBM-9 Arenaria balearica       9 cm pot £4.00
Mossy, dark green mat studded with short-stemmed white flowers.
UFK-9 Arenaria festucoides       9 cm pot £4.00
Pretty white flowers over dense hummocks of narrow foliage.
AEX-9 Arenaria grandiflora       9 cm pot £4.00
Very pretty and showy white flowers appear above needle-like foliage.
UP5-9 Arenaria purpurascens       9 cm pot £3.00
Mats or cushions with lots of pink-purple starry flowers.
ACV-1B Arisaema consanguineum     F 1 bulb £9.00
Brown and white striped spathe with brown tinges.
ATZ-1B Arisaema triphyllum       1 bulb £10.00
Green spathe, striped with purple and white.
APQ-9 Arisarum proboscideum       9 cm pot £4.00
Low mat of leaves and small ‘mouse’ flowers, brown and white with a long tail.
AYX-9 Armeria alliacea       9 cm pot £3.00
Mounds of grassy leaves, and heads of pink flowers on short stems.
AJA-9 Armeria juniperifolia 'Alba'       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact, white-flowered 'sea pink'.
U78-9 Armeria maritima subsp. andina       9 cm pot £4.00
A form of 'sea pink', with pink button flowers over grassy foliage.
U66-9 Armeria maritima 'Armada Deep Rose'       9 cm pot £4.00
Excellent 'sea pink' form with bright rosy pink flowers over grassy foliage.
AMD-9 Armeria maritima 'Düsseldorfer Stolz'       9 cm pot £4.00
Selected variety of 'sea pink' with very deep pink flowers.
AMI-9 Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dark bronze-purple foliage with pink flowers.
AEN-1 Arrhenatherum elatius var. bulbosum `Variegatum`       1 litre pot £6.00
Bulbous oat grass; stripy leaves with attractive seed heads.
U73-1 Arthropodium cirratum       1 litre pot £6.00
New Zealand fringed lily, with spikes of starry, white flowers.
AIP-3B Arum italicum subsp. italicum 'Marmoratum' AGM     3 bulbs £8.00
White-veined leaves, greenish arum flower and red berries.
A6V-3B Arum maculatum       3 bulbs £5.00
Creamy green spathes, large, glossy, arrow-shaped leaves.
UNF-1B Arum nigrum       1 bulb £10.00
Striking very dark purple, hooded flowers.
A3J-2 Aruncus aethusifolius AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Feathery panicles of creamy white flowers; yellow autumn foliage.
AD6-2 Aruncus dioicus AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Goatsbeard; feathery cream heads above attractive green serrated foliage.
ATE-2 Aruncus SDR3327       2 litre pot £9.00
Large goatsbeard, with large sprays of white flowers.
APB-9 Asarina procumbens       9 cm pot £4.00
Trailer with pale yellow snapdragon flowers.
U7E-1 Asarina procumbens       1 litre pot £6.00
Trailer with pale yellow snapdragon flowers.
A2F-9 Asarum caudatum       9 cm pot £4.00
Low evergreen woodlander with rusty brown flowers hiding under the leaves.
UEB-1 Asarum europaeum AGM     1 litre pot £7.00
An evergreen, creeping plant that has exotic hooded purple-red flowers.
AXQ-2 Asplenium scolopendrium AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Evergreen Hart's tongue fern with clumps of erect undivided leaves.
ALU-9 Aster alpinus AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Daisy flowers with lavender ray florets.
A7W-9 Aster alpinus var. albus       9 cm pot £4.00
A white form of the large-flowered alpine daisy.
AD7-9 Aster diplostephioides       9 cm pot £4.00
Chinese aster with slender-petalled blue-purple flowers.
ALB-9 Aster likiangensis       9 cm pot £4.00
White ray flowers, but with few rays per head.
AYF-2 Aster 'Small-Ness'       2 litre pot £8.00
Low-growing perennial with pale blue flowers with reddish centre.
ATK-9 Aster souliei       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact aster, with orange-centred violet to purple daisy flowers.
U5W-1 Aster stracheyi       1 litre pot £6.00
Creeping variety with pale lilac flowers.
AT2-1 Aster tongolensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Large purple daisies with yellow centres on upright stems.
ABI-2 Astilbe x arendsii 'Brautschleier' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Clump-forming perennial with elegant sprays of of nodding white flowers.
UBB-2 Astilbe x arendsii 'Bressingham Beauty'       2 litre pot £8.00
Tall hybrid with spreading bronze flushed leaves and bright pink flowers.
AAN-2 Astilbe x arendsii 'Fanal' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Dense plumes of deep red flowers.
A2E-2 Astilbe chinensis var. pumila AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Dwarf form with pink flowers tightly packed along stem and short side branches.
ADN-2 Astilbe 'Deutschland'       2 litre pot £8.00
Feathery, branched spikes of white flowers.
AP2-2 Astilbe japonica hybrid pink form       2 litre pot £8.00
Tall spikes of pink feathery flowers above delicate cut leaves.
AR9-2 Astilbe cf. rivularis       2 litre pot £9.00
Long terminal clusters of tiny yellow-green flowers.
AWE-9 Astilbe 'Willie Buchanan'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf variety with very pale pink feathery flowers and tufted bronze foliage.
A3L-2 Astilboides tabularis       2 litre pot £8.00
Tall panicles of small, creamy flowers.
AE3-1 Astragalus glycyphyllos       1 litre pot £7.00
Wild liquorice; heads of creamy yellow pea flowers.
AY5-1 Astrantia bavarica       1 litre pot £6.00
Ruff of green and white bracts around pale pink flowers.
A5R-2 Astrantia carniolica 'Rubra'       2 litre pot £8.00
Dwarf astrantia with long-lasting red flowers.
UML-2 Astrantia major 'Alba'       2 litre pot £8.00
Masterwort with white flowers tipped with green.
UMH-2 Astrantia major 'Claret'       2 litre pot £8.00
Deep, ruby-red flowers with a ruff of long bracts.
AMU-2 Astrantia major 'Rubra'       2 litre pot £8.00
Dark red-pink flowers with a ruff of long bracts.
URA-2 Astrantia 'Roma'       2 litre pot £8.00
Clump-forming perennial with umbels of small, pink, papery flowers.
U4E-9 Aubrieta canescens       9 cm pot £4.00
Spreading mats or cushions with short-stemmed violet flowers.
A84-9 Aubrieta pinardii       9 cm pot £4.00
Spreading mat with lots of pinky purple flowers.
U65-9 Aubrieta 'Purple Cascade'       9 cm pot £3.00
Masses of rich purple flowers over semi-evergreen foliage.
A6L-9 Azorella trifurcata       9 cm pot £4.00
A low, evergreen perennial, with lime-yellow flowers.
Code B Size Price
BB7-3 Berberis aff. hamiltoniana       3 litre pot £15.00
Dwarf shrub with tiny 'holly' leaves and yellow flowers on red stems.
BHD-3 Berberis heterophylla       3 litre pot £10.00
Bright yellow flowers in spring and blue-black fruit in autumn.
B5D-1 Berberis microphylla       1 litre pot £6.00
Small shrub with spiny shiny leaves, yellow flowers and edible fruit.
BP6-2 Berberis pruinosa       2 litre pot £9.00
Small shrub with yellow flowers and remarkable silvery grey fruit.
BB9-1 Berberis SDR7930       1 litre pot £6.00
Arching, spiny stems with clusters of large red fruit in autumn.
BAO-2 Bergenia 'Abendglut'       2 litre pot £8.00
Semi-double rose red flowers, contrasting with red leaves in spring.
BBM-2 Bergenia 'Bressingham White' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Masses of pure white flowers with sturdy deep green leaves; great ground cover.
BCG-2 Bergenia cordifolia       2 litre pot £8.00
Evergreen glossy bronze leaves and spires of pink to carmine flowers.
BPF-2 Bergenia purpurascens AGM   F 2 litre pot £8.00
Large, glossy dark green leaves, red when mature, and spikes of pink flowers.
BSE-2 Bergenia stracheyi       2 litre pot £8.00
Compact, alpine species with white flowers, fading to pink.
BWC-1 Besseya wyomingensis       1 litre pot £8.00
Dense spikes of violet flowers with prominent stamens and softly hairy leaves.
ZBI-2 Betula bomiensis       2 litre pot £20.00
Rare, medium size birch with arching branches.
BM8-2 Betula medwediewii       2 litre pot £20.00
Uncommon multi-stemmed shrub birch from the Caucasus.
BMH-2 Betula megrelica       2 litre pot £12.00
Extremely rare shrub birch from two mountains in the Caucasus.
BOJ-4 Betula ovalifolia       4 litre pot £18.00
Rare birch, a medium-sized shrub with dark grey-brown bark.
BAX-4 Betula utilis subsp. albosinensis     F 4 litre pot £15.00
Medium sized birch with peeling reddish brown that glows in sunlight.
BLB-1 Billardiera longiflora AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Climbing 'purple apple-berry', with large, ovoid, deep purple-blue berries.
BLF-9 Billardiera longiflora fructu-albo AGM     9 cm pot £8.00
Evergreen climber with creamy-yellow flowers and white berry-like fruits.
BPM-1 Blechnum penna-marina subsp. alpina AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely ground-cover fern with fresh green pinnate leaves, bronze when young.
BSI-1 Bletilla striata AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Hardy orchid with spikes of lilac or rose flowers before the leaves emerge.
BJD-1 Boykinia jamesii       1 litre pot £5.00
Brilliant purple-red flowers with long-stalked petals.
BMV-2 Brunnera macrophylla 'Dawson's White'       2 litre pot £9.00
Striking variegated leaves with early blue flowers.
BMS-2 Brunnera macrophylla 'Silver Wings'       2 litre pot £9.00
Attractive, heart-shaped leaves, marbled with silver; blue flowers in spring.
BTJ-2 Buddleja alternifolia (tsetangensis)       2 litre pot £12.00
Rare shrub with small, silvery leaves and pale creamy white flowers.
BNN-3 Buddleja davidii 'Nanho Blue'       3 litre pot £12.00
Compact form of the butterfly bush, with arching stems of violet blue flowers.
DMR-1 Bukiniczia cabulica   PC   1 litre pot £8.00
Rosette of light grey marbled leaves; for a sand plunge in cold greenhouse.
BAC-1 Bulbinella angustifolia       1 litre pot £6.00
Narrow leaves and dense spikes of starry, bright yellow flowers.
BHA-1 Bulbinella hookeri       1 litre pot £6.00
Dense racemes of starry, bright yellow flowers.
Code C Size Price
5LG-1 Calanthe discolor       1 litre pot £15.00
Pale brown with white markings.
C2M-9 Calceolaria corymbosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of bright green leaves and bright yellow flowers.
KZU-9 Calceolaria corymbosa subsp. floccosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of white woolly leaves and bright yellow flowers.
KZX-9 Calceolaria cf. corymbosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of bright green leaves and bright yellow flowers.
KFH-1 Calceolaria filicaulis       1 litre pot £6.00
Half a dozen large, bright yellow, pouched flowers on each stem.
KZT-9 Calceolaria cf. laguna-blancae       9 cm pot £4.00
Grey woolly leaves and bright lemon yellow, red-spotted, inflated pouch flowers.
KFL-9 Calceolaria luxurians       9 cm pot £4.00
Clusters of bright yellow pouched flowers.
KM6-9 Calceolaria mollissima       9 cm pot £4.00
Stems with 20 golden yellow flowers over loose rosettes of hairy leaves.
CLU-2 Caltha leptosepala       2 litre pot £8.00
A marsh marigold with pure white flowers and shiny round leaves.
KLN-1 Caltha leptosepala subsp. howellii       1 litre pot £6.00
Robust plant with white flowers on tall stems, and round, wavy-edged leaves.
CPN-1 Caltha palustris       1 litre pot £5.00
Marsh marigold with large yellow buttercup flowers.
CSI-2 Caltha scaposa     F 2 litre pot £8.00
Very compact marsh marigold; bright yellow flowers above deep green leaves.
KFK-2 Calycanthus floridus       2 litre pot £8.00
Bushy shrub with unusual red, fragrant flowers
CXQ-3B Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii Caerulea Group       3 bulbs £6.00
A selection with great heads of large blue flowers.
CWG-2 Camellia x williamsii 'Donation' AGM     2 litre pot £12.00
Justly the most famous camellia, with semi-double pink flowers.
CAH-1 Campanula alliariifolia       1 litre pot £6.00
Tall, white-flowered, dark green leaves.
K7Z-9 Campanula cf. andrewsii       9 cm pot £5.00
Masses of light purple flowers and grey-green foliage; lovely.
KB6-9 Campanula barbata       9 cm pot £4.00
Upright stems of pale blue, hairy flowers.
CQ2-9 Campanula bayerniana       9 cm pot £4.00
An unusual compact bellflower with lovely rose-purple blooms.
CBC-9 Campanula betulifolia AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Dark green leaves and large white or pale pink flowers.
K9K-9 Campanula cashmeriana var. alba       9 cm pot £4.00
Trailing stems of silvery leaves and many white flowers.
K23-1 Campanula cymbalaria       1 litre pot £6.00
Semi-creeping stems with blue to violet-blue flowers.
KFQ-9 Campanula fenestrellata subsp. istriaca       9 cm pot £4.00
A dwarf bellflower with lots of little blue flowers and hairy leaves.
SHH-1 Campanula hofmannii       1 litre pot £6.00
Biennial with branching stems and many creamy white flowers.
CIE-1 Campanula incurva       1 litre pot £6.00
Softly hairy rosettes and large, bell-shaped pale blue flowers.
CKC-1 Campanula kirpicznikovii       1 litre pot £5.00
Creamy white, bell-shaped flowers above sage green leaves.
CMM-1 Campanula makaschvilii       1 litre pot £6.00
Arching stems with pink flowers along their length; from the Caucasus.
K6R-2 Campanula makaschvilii rosea       2 litre pot £8.00
Arching stems with pink flowers along their length; from the Caucasus.
KME-9 Campanula moesiaca       9 cm pot £4.00
Dense clusters of lilac blue flowers above rosette of deep green leaves.
C7E-9 Campanula persicifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Starry, blue, open bellflowers and fine, dark green foliage.
K6Q-9 Campanula portenschlagiana AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Mound of foliage with masses of pale violet starry flowers.
K95-9 Campanula portenschlagiana Resholt's variety       9 cm pot £3.00
Vigorous dwarf species with masses of lavender blue bell-flowers.
CPJ-9 Campanula poscharskyana   AM   9 cm pot £3.00
Mound of foliage with masses of pale violet starry flowers.
CPE-9 Campanula poscharskyana 'E. H. Frost'       9 cm pot £4.00
A mound of trailing stems with white bell flowers.
C9T-1 Campanula punctata var. hondoensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Large tubular bell flowers, cream and flecked with red inside.
C9U-2 Campanula punctata var. howozana       2 litre pot £8.00
Pale pink, hanging bell-shaped flowers.
CY4-1 Campanula punctata f. rubriflora 'Beetroot'       1 litre pot £6.00
Deep purple pink tubular flowers, heavily spotted, and new leaves beetroot red.
KZ7-1 Campanula 'Samantha'       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf form with large, upward-facing lavender blue flowers.
CAF-9 Campanula saxifraga subsp. aucheri   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Large blue-violet flowers; needs shelter.
CT5-2 Campanula takesimana       2 litre pot £8.00
Spike of long bell-shaped flowers, white or pink and spotted red.
KTY-1 Campanula topaliana subsp. delphica       1 litre pot £8.00
Abundant pale purple-blue flowers covering gorgeous grey-green foliage.
KTD-9 Campanula trachelium       9 cm pot £4.00
Upright perennial with bristly leaves and racemes of tubular white flowers.
CTB-9 Campanula tridentata x bellidifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact cushion with many blue, short-stemmed flowers.
CTC-9 Campanula troegerae       9 cm pot £5.00
Silky hairy plant with white flowers opening from pink buds.
SZA-1 Campanula zangezura       1 litre pot £5.00
Small mound with masses of pale blue-violet Campanula flowers.
CPQ-1 Cardamine pentaphylla AGM AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Woodlander with pink flowers in early spring.
CBE-2 Carex buchananii AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Architectural sedge with fountain of slender bronze leaves.
C2S-2 Carex 'Silver Sceptre'       2 litre pot £8.00
Evergreen sedge with broad silver-margined leaves.
KVZ-9 Carlina vulgaris       9 cm pot £4.00
Brown/gold daisy-type flowers with spiny green leaves alternating on the stem.
CYU-9 Cassiope 'Badenoch'       9 cm pot £5.00
Pure white bell-shaped flowers on upright stems.
KLJ-9 Cassiope lycopodioides 'Beatrice Lilley'       9 cm pot £5.00
Many pure white bell-shaped flowers on stems packed with dark green leaves.
KZQ-9 Castilleja latifolia       9 cm pot £6.00
Dense spikes of creamy green bracts and narrowly red or yellow tubular flowers.
C58-1 Celmisia allanii       1 litre pot £8.00
Low mat of silvery grey leaves and lots of white daisy flowers.
C5Y-9 Celmisia angustifolia AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
A sub-shrub with silvery grey leaves and lots of small daisy flowers.
KAV-9 Centaurea affinis       9 cm pot £4.00
Knapweed with pale pinky-purple flower heads and silvery leaves.
CB3-9 Centaurea bagadensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Cornflower with striking soft pink flower heads over wonderful silver foliage.
K6N-9 Centaurea karabaghensis       9 cm pot £6.00
Tall cornflower with lots of deep rosy pink flowers.
CQ7-7 Centaurea pestalozzae       7 cm pot £5.00
Rosettes of hairy leaves and yellow, sessile flowers.
VCR-2 Centranthus ruber       2 litre pot £8.00
Clusters of funnel-shaped red (pink or white) flowers; fleshy green leaves.
K97-1 Cerastium alpinum lanatum       1 litre pot £6.00
Mats of silver-grey woolly leaves with small, white flowers.
COH-9 Chaenorrhinum origanifolium 'Blue Dream'       9 cm pot £4.00
Selected form; dark-veined, lilac blue flowers with a yellow lip.
COP-9 Chiastophyllum oppositifolium AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Fleshy leaves and arching stems of yellow flowers, for a wet crevice.
COJ-9 Chiastophyllum oppositifolium 'Jim's Pride'       9 cm pot £4.00
Superb foliage plant with beautifully marked cream and green leaves.
C3N-2 Chionochloa conspicua       2 litre pot £8.00
Grass with large panicles of pale spikelets on graceful, arching branches.
CDK-1 Chrysosplenium davidianum     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Spreading soft green mat with many small yellow flowers.
C3E-1 Chrysosplenium macrophyllum       1 litre pot £6.00
Fantastic! Large leathery leaves and clusters of palest pink flowers.
CAL-2 Clematis alpina       2 litre pot £9.00
Large, four-petalled purple flowers; from the European Alps.
CA6-1 Clematis alpina pink-flowered       1 litre pot £8.00
Large, four-petalled pink flowers.
KB8-9 Clematis 'Bill Mackenzie' AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Open, bell-shaped single yellow flowers, followed by large fluffy seed heads.
KDY-9 Clematis campestris       9 cm pot £5.00
South American climber; many very narrow, white petal-like stamens, fragrant.
KKG-2 Clematis CC5904       2 litre pot £8.00
Unidentified Tibetan species from 4000 m.
C25-9 Clematis columbiana       9 cm pot £5.00
Climber with solitary blue flowers.
C52-9 Clematis hirsutissima var. scottii       9 cm pot £5.00
Non-climbing perennial with showy, deep blue bell-shaped flowers.
CII-1 Clematis integrifolia       1 litre pot £7.00
Herbaceous perennial with bell-shaped blue flowers.
KIE-1 Clematis integrifolia 'Alba'       1 litre pot £7.00
Herbaceous perennial with white, bell-shaped flowers.
K8U-1 Clematis integrifolia dark blue-flowered       1 litre pot £7.00
Herbaceous perennial with bell-shaped dark blue flowers.
KIR-1 Clematis integrifolia 'Rosea'       1 litre pot £7.00
Non-clinging, herbaceous clematis with attractive pink bell-shaped flowers.
KIV-2 Clematis integrifolia violet flowered       2 litre pot £10.00
Herbaceous perennial with bell-shaped violet flowers.
KM4-1 Clematis macropetala       1 litre pot £8.00
Vigorous deciduous clematis with multi-petalled violet blue flowers.
CZX-2 Clematis recta 'Purpurea'       2 litre pot £9.00
Open, 4 - 5-petalled white flowers.
KKB-2 Clematis SDR6151       2 litre pot £9.00
Unidentified climber from deciduous woods in high mountains.
CZJ-2 Clematis tibetana       2 litre pot £9.00
Delicate hanging heads of yellow flowers.
KK7-2 Clematis vitalba       2 litre pot £15.00
Traveller's Joy; climber with pale greenish yellow flowers and fluffy seeds.
CQR-2 Clematis viticella       2 litre pot £8.00
Late, small, open, bell-shaped blue/purple flowers with pale yellow anthers.
CCR-9 Codonopsis clematidea       9 cm pot £4.00
Trailing stems with large, pale blue, beautifully patterned flowers.
CCU-9 Codonopsis forrestii     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Climber, with pale blue flowers with dark red centres.
CGW-9 Codonopsis grey-wilsonii AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Climbing species with large pale blue flowers.
CPF-9 Codonopsis pilosula       9 cm pot £4.00
Climbing species with green bell-shaped flowers, marked with purple outside.
K5U-9 Codonopsis pinifolia     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Climber, with pale blue flowers with dark red centres.
CT3-9 Codonopsis tangshen       9 cm pot £5.00
Vigorous, climbing species with yellow-green bell flowers.
CLJ-1B Colchicum autumnale 'Album'       1 bulb £6.00
Sequence of slender, white 'autumn crocus' flowers.
CBZ-1B Colchicum byzantinum AGM AM   1 bulb £6.00
'Autumn crocus' with amethyst-violet flowers, white on the 'stem'.
COC-1B Colchicum corsicum       1 bulb £6.00
Delicate lilac-pink autumn flowers, with rich yellow stamens.
CDR-1B Colchicum 'Disraeli'       1 bulb £6.00
Magnificent, rich magenta chequered flowers with white centres.
C8G-1B Colchicum macrophyllum       1 bulb £6.00
Large, pale pink chequered flowers, and architectural, broad, glossy leaves.
COT-1B Colchicum tenorei AGM     1 bulb £6.00
Large, free-flowering 'autumn crocus' with rose-lilac flowers.
CWL-1B Colchicum 'Waterlily' AGM     1 bulb £6.00
Lots of large, fully double flowers, slightly purplish pink.
CMJ-1 Convallaria majalis AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Lily-of-the-valley; small, highly scented bell flowers.
C64-1 Convallaria majalis var. rosea       1 litre pot £6.00
Beautiful and rare form of lily-of-the-valley with pink flowers.
K5J-2 Cornus capitata     F 2 litre pot £10.00
Evergreen with wonderful creamy flowers (bracts) and strawberry-like fruit.
CKM-5 Cornus kousa       5 litre pot £18.00
Dogwood; white flowers in early summer, rich orange and crimson autumn foliage.
K8V-4 Cornus kousa 'Greensleeves'       4 litre pot £20.00
Deciduous tree with masses of white flowers (bracts) and red leaves in autumn.
KMD-4 Cornus mas       4 litre pot £15.00
Deciduous shrub with yellow flowers in late winter and red fruit in summer.
K48-1 Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'       1 litre pot £5.00
Brilliantly coloured stems, bright red above and yellow in the lower half.
CJ3-9 Corydalis buschii       9 cm pot £4.00
Bright pink flowers over equally bright green foliage.
CC8-9 Corydalis cashmeriana   FCC   9 cm pot £7.00
Delicate, dissected foliage and clusters of gorgeous sky blue flowers.
KCI-9 Corydalis 'Craigton Blue'       9 cm pot £5.00
An excellent hybrid with fresh green leaves, red stems and sky blue flowers.
CFC-9 Corydalis flexuosa 'China Blue'   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Sky blue flowers over delicate, olive-green foliage.
C6I-9 Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David'       9 cm pot £4.00
Bright blue flowers over delicate foliage.
KHH-9 Corydalis 'Heavenly Blue'       9 cm pot £5.00
Hybrid of Corydalis flexuosa, taller, and with rich blue flowers.
CBW-1B Corydalis solida subsp. solida 'Beth Evans'   AM   1 bulb £5.00
Stunning soft pink, spurred, tubular flowers.
C4Q-1B Corydalis solida subsp. solida 'George Baker' AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Rich brick red, tubular flowers.
CEH-1 Corydalis 'Spinners'       1 litre pot £6.00
A vigorous hybrid with brilliant blue flowers over serrated fresh green leaves.
CT7-1 Corydalis taliensis     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Long fleshy stems and racemes of reddish pink flowers.
CWW-9 Corydalis wilsonii       9 cm pot £4.00
Grey leaves and spike of bright yellow flowers.
K5L-2 Corylopsis SDR7921       2 litre pot £12.00
Unidentified species with hanging racemes of lemon-yellow flowers.
C2Y-2 Corylopsis sinensis       2 litre pot £10.00
Drooping, catkin-like inflorescences of lemon-yellow flowers.
KB7-2 Cotoneaster bradyi       2 litre pot £10.00
Pink-tinged, white flowers followed by glossy red fruit.
KGV-3 Cotoneaster ganghobaensis     F 3 litre pot £12.00
Rounded, glossy leaves, white flowers and lots of bright red fruit.
KM9-3 Cotoneaster microphyllus       3 litre pot £9.00
Compact, evergreen shrub with white flowers and dark reddish pink fruit.
K6I-2 Cotoneaster monopyrenus     F 2 litre pot £10.00
Spreading, reddish shoots with silver-edged grey-green leaves.
KOH-2 Cotoneaster ogisui       2 litre pot £10.00
Small tree whose branches are weighed down with many large fruit in autumn.
KR7-2 Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus       2 litre pot £10.00
Evergreen shrub with arching stems, white flowers and orange-red fruit.
K9O-3 Cotoneaster splendens       3 litre pot £12.00
Shrub with white flowers suffused with pink, followed by globular orange fruits.
KT5-4 Cotoneaster trinervis       4 litre pot £15.00
Shrub with very glossy green foliage and rich red berries.
CMT-9 Crambe maritima       9 cm pot £4.00
Native wild flower from coastal areas with silver grey leaves and white flowers.
CQW-9 Cremanthodium arnicoides       9 cm pot £6.00
Elegant, large, nodding, yellow dandelion-like flowers.
K5T-9 Cremanthodium SDR7968       9 cm pot £5.00
Not yet identified, but likely to have large, nodding, yellow composite flowers.
C7C-1 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Carmin Brillant' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Hot bright red flowers.
K49-1 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Columbus'       1 litre pot £6.00
Arching stems of golden yellow flowers opening from orange buds.
K28-2 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Emily McKenzie'       2 litre pot £8.00
Burnt-orange flowers with mahogany markings.
5MJ-1 Crocosmia 'Emberglow'       1 litre pot £6.00
Bright orange-red.
KMM-2 Crocosmia 'Mistral'       2 litre pot £8.00
Early flowering, with bright orange-red flowers.
CIB-9 Cyananthus incanus       9 cm pot £5.00
Striking, dark purply-blue flowers with wonderful hairy throats.
CI3-9 Cyananthus lobatus AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Large light blue flowers over wide mats of trailing stems.
CMI-9 Cyananthus microphyllus AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Trailing stems with small leaves and purply blue starry flowers.
C3H-1B Cyclamen africanum   FCC   1 bulb £5.00
Like Cyclamen hederifolium, with pale to deep rosy pink flowers.
CCN-1B Cyclamen cilicium AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Pale pink flowers with a magenta basal blotch.
CZS-1B Cyclamen cilicium f. album       1 bulb £5.00
White-flowered form of this Turkish species.
CCO-1B Cyclamen coum AGM AM   1 bulb £4.00
Delicate flowers, ranging from deep to pale pink, flowering in winter.
KC6-1B Cyclamen coum album       1 bulb £4.00
Delicate flowers of pure white over attractive mottled leaves.
CHI-1B Cyclamen hederifolium AGM FCC   1 bulb £4.00
Lots of pink (occasionally white) flowers in early autumn.
CHL-1B Cyclamen hederifolium var. hederifolium f. albiflorum AGM FCC   1 bulb £4.00
Beautiful and easy pure white-flowered variety; can naturalise around trees.
CUO-9 Cypripedium Ulla Silkens grex AGM     9 cm pot £19.00
Gorgeous 'Lady's Slipper' orchid with white and pink, red-spotted flowers.
Code D Size Price
DMH-1 Dactylicapnos macrocapnos       1 litre pot £6.00
Herbaceous self-clinging climber with ferny foliage and yellow flowers.
DFB-9 Dactylorhiza fuchsii       9 cm pot £10.00
Orchid with pink flowers spotted with dark red.
DF2-1 Dactylorhiza fuchsii 'Bressingham Bonus'       1 litre pot £20.00
Huge spike of many flowers, deep pink, heavily spotted and flecked deep purple.
DHI-1 Dactylorhiza 'Harold Esslemont'   AM   1 litre pot £22.00
Wonderful orchid with its stem packed with pink-purple flowers.
DAC-2 Daphne acutiloba       2 litre pot £15.00
Evergreen with terminal clusters of white, scented flowers.
DA2-2 Daphne albowiana       2 litre pot £25.00
Small evergreen shrub with spidery yellow flowers followed by red berries.
DB9-2 Daphne bholua       2 litre pot £25.00
Vigorous shrub with wonderfully scented pale pink flowers in midwinter.
DBN-1 Daphne bholua 'Alba'       1 litre pot £18.00
Gorgeous white-flowered variety of the scented, winter-flowering shrub.
DBG-1 Daphne blagayana   FCC   1 litre pot £10.00
Fragrant clusters of creamy flowers at ends of trailing stems.
D3R-2 Daphne cneorum       2 litre pot £20.00
Low mats with tight terminal clusters of fragrant, rosy pink flowers.
DGG-1 Daphne giraldii       1 litre pot £10.00
Small shrub with clusters of golden, scented flowers.
DLR-2 Daphne laureola       2 litre pot £15.00
Shiny evergreen leaves and scented pale yellow flowers.
DMM-2 Daphne mezereum       2 litre pot £14.00
Almost covered with pink, scented flowers very early in year. Red fruit follow.
DMI-1 Daphne mezereum f. alba       1 litre pot £10.00
Form with white flowers and yellow fruits.
DOM-2 Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' AGM     2 litre pot £25.00
Yellow-margined evergreen leaves and fragrant, purple-pink/white flowers.
DOR-2 Daphne odora var. rubra       2 litre pot £25.00
Evergreen shrub with scented flowers, white with deep pink reverse.
DXA-1 Daphne x susannae 'Anton Fahndrich'       1 litre pot £12.00
Compact shrublet with dark green leaves and scented pinky purple flowers.
DTT-2 Daphne tangutica AGM     2 litre pot £18.00
Evergreen, with pale pink, almost white flowers, followed by red fruit.
DTW-1 Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance'       1 litre pot £15.00
Exceptionally fragrant white flowers on a compact semi-evergreen bush.
DTX-3 Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance Pink'       3 litre pot £28.00
Exceptionally fragrant pink flowers on a compact semi-evergreen bush.
DVJ-2 Daphne 'Valerie Hillier'       2 litre pot £15.00
Exceptionally fragrant pink flowers on a compact semi-evergreen bush.
DWO-2 Daphne wolongensis ex 'Guardsman'       2 litre pot £25.00
Evergreen with masses of scented, pink flowers on ascending branches.
DSH-2 Daphne wolongensis 'Kevock Star'       2 litre pot £20.00
New species with masses of pale pink scented flowers from deep pink buds.
DP3-2 Darmera peltata AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Large, round, plate-sized leaves on a long stem with heads of pink flowers.
DFF-1 Decaisnea fargesii       1 litre pot £7.00
Shrub with long pinnate leaves, yellow-green flowers and metallic blue pods.
DVB-7 Degenia velebitica       7 cm pot £4.00
Tight cushions of silvery-grey foliage and lemon yellow flowers in early summer.
DCH-9 Delosperma congestum       9 cm pot £4.00
Mats of fleshy rosettes with bright yellow 'Mesembryanthemum' flowers.
D5N-9 Delosperma cooperi       9 cm pot £4.00
Quick-spreading succulent ice plant with lots of brilliant pink flowers.
DEW-9 Delosperma ecklonis       9 cm pot £4.00
An ''ice plant'; succulent leaves and brilliant magenta/purple daisy flowers.
DTU-9 Delosperma 'John Proffitt'       9 cm pot £4.00
Quick-spreading ice plant with brilliant fuchsia flowers.
DNH-9 Delosperma nubigenum       9 cm pot £4.00
Succulent mat-former with bright yellow daisy flowers.
DCG-9 Delphinium cashmerianum       9 cm pot £6.00
Rich blue flowers on short stems above hairy lobed leaves.
DGH-1 Delphinium grandiflorum       1 litre pot £6.00
Open panicles of white, blue or lilac elf-cap flowers.
DD5-1 Delphinium high alpine       1 litre pot £6.00
Herbaceous perennial with deep blue flowers.
D6M-9 Delphinium himalayae       9 cm pot £5.00
Lovely medium height perennial with intense blue flowers.
D63-9 Delphinium SDR7803       9 cm pot £5.00
Unidentified species with blue flowers.
D7B-2 Deschampsia cespitosa       2 litre pot £8.00
Lovely, airy, bronze inflorescences.
DDZ-3 Deutzia purpurascens       3 litre pot £12.00
Compact, upright shrub with pink star-shaped flowers.
DAY-9 Dianthus alpinus 'Albus'       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of dark green, glossy leaves covered with large, creamy white flowers.
DA6-9 Dianthus alpinus 'Joan's Blood' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Neat mats of fresh green leaves and brilliant blood-red flowers.
DAF-9 Dianthus 'Annette'       9 cm pot £3.00
Tight clumps with many double cerise flowers.
DAG-9 Dianthus arenarius       9 cm pot £3.00
Dark green grassy leaves and large white flowers with deeply fringed petals.
DBH-9 Dianthus 'Blue Hills'       9 cm pot £3.00
Wide mats of grey-green leaves and masses of mid pink flowers.
DC7-1 Dianthus carthusianorum       1 litre pot £6.00
Tall pink with single magenta flowers with piky petals.
DFD-1 Dianthus freynii       1 litre pot £5.00
Grey-green foliage covered by white or pink flowers.
DFN-9 Dianthus freynii var. nana       9 cm pot £3.00
Finely cut grey-green foliage, and a multitude of pink flowers in June.
DGE-9 Dianthus glacialis subsp. elegans       9 cm pot £3.00
Dark green leaves and single, short-stemmed bright pink flowers.
D8G-9 Dianthus monspessulanus       9 cm pot £4.00
Deeply fringed, scented, pink flowers on slender stems.
D6U-1 Dianthus 'Mrs Sinkins'       1 litre pot £5.00
Fragrant ragged white flowers above silver grey foliage.
DNS-1 Dianthus 'Neon Star' AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Glowing deep pink flowers sitting just above grey foliage.
DNG-1 Dianthus 'Night Star' AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Maroon petals with pale pink markings and serrated edges.
DPJ-9 Dianthus 'Pink Jewel'       9 cm pot £3.00
Mats of grey green leaves with small, double pink flowers.
DT4-9 Dianthus tianshanicus       9 cm pot £4.00
Pale pink or white flowers with highly divided petals over grey-green leaves.
DF5-1 Dicentra formosa       1 litre pot £6.00
Dark red heads of flowers on hanging stems above glaucous grey dissected leaves.
D6D-1 Dicentra formosa 'Cox's Dark Red'       1 litre pot £7.00
Bleeding heart; arching stems with deep red, pendulous, heart-shaped flowers.
D2Z-1 Dicentra formosa 'Pearl Drops'       1 litre pot £6.00
Ferny, sea-green foliage and pearly white flowers tinged with pink.
5NU-5B Dichelostemma ida-maia       5 bulbs £4.00
Clusters of up to ten bright red tubular flowers, white at the tips.
DDM-2 Dierama dracomontanum       2 litre pot £9.00
Rose-pink or red pendant bellflowers with petals curving outward.
DII-2 Dierama igneum       2 litre pot £9.00
'Angel's fishing rod' with bright scarlet flowers.
DPA-9 Dierama pulcherrimum       9 cm pot £5.00
'Angel's fishing rod' with deep purply pink flowers.
DCR-2 Dierama 'Tiny Bells'       2 litre pot £9.00
Tiny bell-like flowers hanging gracefully from slender stalks.
DTB-9 Dierama trichorhizum       9 cm pot £5.00
Dwarf 'Angel's fishing rod' with a few pink flowers.
DCV-9 Digitalis ciliata       9 cm pot £3.00
Spires packed with pale yellow flowers.
DFC-2 Digitalis ferruginea AGM     2 litre pot £6.00
Foxglove with reddish brown flowers, pale yellow inside with reddish spots.
D4H-2 Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora       2 litre pot £7.00
White-flowered form of our foxglove, with tall spires of tubular flowers.
DTQ-2 Digitalis trojana       2 litre pot £7.00
Unusual caramel-brown flowers with a white lip and gold and rust-brown throat.
DC5-9 Diphylleia cymosa       9 cm pot £5.00
Woodland with clusters of small, white flowers followed by blue berries.
DPF-1 Disporopsis pernyi   PC   1 litre pot £6.00
Solomon's seal relative; arching flowers stems with hanging white bells.
D6V-1 Disporum uniflorum       1 litre pot £7.00
Yellow flowers on tall upright stems.
DS7-7 Draba cusickii       7 cm pot £4.00
Neat cushion-forming alpine with racemes of small yellow flowers.
D26-9 Dracocephalum calophyllum       9 cm pot £4.00
Clusters of blue-purple flowers over lance-shaped leaves.
DFA-9 Dracocephalum forrestii     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Spikes of substantial, deep purplish blue flowers.
D7Y-9 Dryas octopetala AGM AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Eight-petalled white flowers, and feathery seed heads.
D4L-2 Dryopteris dilitata var. lepidota AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Clump of very finely cut, deep-green fronds.
D7U-2 Dryopteris filix-mas AGM     2 litre pot £7.00
Male fern with shuttlecock like fronds, deciduous or semi-evergreen.
QZR-1 Dysosma versipellis       1 litre pot £12.00
Red to purple-red.
Code E Size Price
ESS-1 Eccremocarpus scaber       1 litre pot £6.00
Red and orange flowered climber.
ES6-1 Eccremocarpus scaber 'Ruber'       1 litre pot £6.00
A red-flowered form of a Chilean climber.
E3L-2 Echinops spinosissimus       2 litre pot £8.00
Silvery thistle-like foliage and globular heads of pale purplish flowers.
EDD-9 Edraianthus dalmaticus       9 cm pot £4.00
Tight cluster of violet blue flowers and tuft of narrow leaves.
EDQ-9 Edraianthus dinaricus       9 cm pot £5.00
Tubular, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers.
EG9-9 Edraianthus glisicii       9 cm pot £5.00
Beautiful large, solitary pale violet flowers.
EDG-9 Edraianthus graminifolius       9 cm pot £5.00
Clusters of upward-facing violet-blue bell-shaped flowers.
EGV-9 Edraianthus graminifolius subsp. graminifolius       9 cm pot £5.00
Clusters of upward-facing violet-blue bell-shaped flowers.
ENK-9 Edraianthus niveus       9 cm pot £5.00
Rare species with clusters of upward-facing white bell-shaped flowers.
E23-9 Edraianthus pumilio silver leaf       9 cm pot £5.00
Short, silvery leaves and large, stemless, deep violet flowers.
ESD-9 Edraianthus serbicus       9 cm pot £5.00
Tight cluster of blue, upward-facing flowers and tuft of narrow leaves.
ESY-9 Edraianthus serpyllifolius 'Major'       9 cm pot £5.00
Beautiful species with brilliant dark violet, campanula-like flowers.
ETT-7 Edraianthus tenuifolius       7 cm pot £5.00
Grassy foliage and short-stemmed pale purple flowers.
EWK-9 Edraianthus wettsteinii       9 cm pot £4.00
Small cushion-forming alpine with violet blue flowers on upright stems.
E36-2 Enkianthus campanulatus 'Wallaby'       2 litre pot £12.00
Dwarf form with creamy pink, bell-shaped flowers.
E2V-1 Epimedium x cantabrigiense       1 litre pot £7.00
Coppery orange flowers with yellow centres, and coppery new foliage.
EGO-2 Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee'       2 litre pot £9.00
Violet, spurred flowers over mid green leaves, flushed purple.
EXP-1 Epimedium x perralchicum       1 litre pot £6.00
Woodland plant with bright yellow flowers and bright green leaves.
EXR-2 Epimedium x rubrum AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Red and white flowers and mottled leaves.
EXV-1 Epimedium x versicolor 'Sulphureum' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Yellow and white flowers and mottled foliage.
EYN-2 Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Pure white flowers on slender stems; red autumn leaf colour.
EYR-2 Epimedium x youngianum 'Roseum'       2 litre pot £9.00
Delicate pink flowers on slender stems above beautifully marked leaves.
EHY-4B Eranthis hyemalis AGM     4 bulbs £4.00
The 'aconite', yellow flowers with ruffs of green leaves in earliest spring.
EHC-4B Eranthis hyemalis Cilicica Group       4 bulbs £4.00
Yellow buttercup flowers; bronze-tinted dissected foliage.
E34-1 Erigeron 'Azure Fairy'       1 litre pot £5.00
Large, yellow-centred semi-double violet/blue daisies.
ECU-9 Erigeron chrysopsidis       9 cm pot £3.00
Yellow-rayed daisy flowers over hairy, linear leaves.
ECG-9 Erigeron compositus       9 cm pot £3.00
Cushion of grassy leaves with pink, yellow-centred daisies.
EFC-1 Erigeron flettii       1 litre pot £5.00
Fleabane. Pink daisy flowers.
EGF-1 Erigeron 'Four Winds'       1 litre pot £5.00
Mat with lots of pale mauve daisies.
EKJ-1 Erigeron karvinskianus AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Lots of white or pink, yellow-centred flowers, red in bud; good in a wall.
ELE-9 Erigeron leiomerus       9 cm pot £3.00
Tufts of leaves and deep blue or white solitary daisy flowers.
EAL-9 Erinus alpinus AGM AM   9 cm pot £3.00
Low mats with lots of multi-flowered stems, pink or white; a great wall plant.
EOQ-9 Eriogonum ovalifolium       9 cm pot £5.00
Attractive white puff-ball flowers above striking vertical, woolly oval leaves.
EUA-9 Eriogonum umbellatum       9 cm pot £5.00
Mats of grey-green leaves with tight clusters of pale yellow flowers.
EUC-9 Eriogonum umbellatum var. porteri       9 cm pot £5.00
A compact plant with shiny green leaves; flowers open yellow and turn red.
EUF-7 Eriogonum cf. umbellatum       7 cm pot £5.00
Mats of grey-green leaves with tight clusters of pale yellow flowers.
EAX-9 Eritrichium aretioides       9 cm pot £4.00
Beautiful forget-me-not relative with masses of violet to bright blue flowers.
EKK-7 Eritrichium villosum       7 cm pot £4.00
An alpine forget-me-not, with pretty violet to blue flowers.
ECH-1 Erodium carvifolium       1 litre pot £6.00
Dissected leaves and sprays of rich pink flowers.
EVA-9 Erodium x variabile 'Album'       9 cm pot £3.00
Beautiful white flowers over scalloped, spreading leaves.
EAU-2 Eryngium agavifolium       2 litre pot £8.00
Distinctive glossy, sword-shaped spiny leaves and greenish-white flowers.
EAG-1 Eryngium alpinum       1 litre pot £6.00
Silver-blue flowers with finely divided violet-blue bracts.
EBA-2 Eryngium bourgatii       2 litre pot £9.00
Sea holly with silvery-violet spiny bracts.
EBP-9 Eryngium bourgatii 'Picos Blue'       9 cm pot £4.00
A thistle with spiky marbled silvery-grey foliage and blue flowers.
EOO-1 Eryngium x olivieranum AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Violet-blue flowers with finely divided metallic blue bracts.
EPO-1 Eryngium planum       1 litre pot £6.00
Sea holly with pale blue flowers with bluey green, spiky bracts.
ERV-2 Eryngium variifolium       2 litre pot £8.00
Sea holly with grey-blue flowers with long, pointed silver bracts.
EHL-9 Erysimum humillinum       9 cm pot £4.00
Tufts of narrow leaves with fragrant pale yellow flowers.
EP5-9 Erysimum pulchellum       9 cm pot £4.00
Perennial 'Wallflower' with light lemon yellow flowers and a prostrate habit.
EA6-1 Erysimum torulosum       1 litre pot £6.00
Known as the 'sand-dwelling wallflower' with yellow flowers.
EWB-1B Erythronium californicum 'White Beauty' AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Creamy yellow flowers over green foliage mottled with cream.
EDM-1B Erythronium dens-canis       1 bulb £4.00
Dog’s-tooth violet; white to dark pink reflexed petals above mottled foliage.
EOA-1B Erythronium oregonum   PC   1 bulb £6.00
White flowers with yellow centres streaked with red, and heavily mottled leaves
EPB-1B Erythronium 'Pagoda' AGM     1 bulb £4.00
Mottled leaves and several yellow flowers; easy and vigorous.
ERR-1B Erythronium revolutum       1 bulb £4.00
Green marbled foliage with purply pink flowers with yellow ring in throat.
ERF-1B Erythronium revolutum 'Rose Beauty'       1 bulb £5.00
Beautiful rose-pink flowers and mottled leaves.
ETB-1B Erythronium tuolumnense       1 bulb £5.00
Bright green leaves and several bright yellow flowers.
EGL-2 Eucryphia glutinosa AGM     2 litre pot £14.00
Fantastic deciduous shrub/tree with scented white open-cup flowers.
EAW-5 Euonymus alatus AGM     5 litre pot £20.00
Superb autumn leaves are rich dark red; winged red-purple seed pods in summer.
E3D-2 Euonymus europaeus       2 litre pot £6.00
Fascinating rich pink seed pods opening to reveal brilliant orange seeds.
E3R-2 Euonymus Ogisu       2 litre pot £10.00
Unusual climber with small golden/green leaves.
EAZ-3 Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea'       3 litre pot £9.00
Sulfur-yellow flowerheads and dark purple-red foliage.
EWW-2 Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii       2 litre pot £8.00
Evergreen plant with large, dense, yellow-green flowerheads.
EFR-1 Euphorbia cyparissias 'Fen's Ruby'       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf Euphorbia for dry sun or shade: fine foliage and yellow flowers (bracts).
EMC-2 Euphorbia x martini       2 litre pot £8.00
Strong upright red-tinged stems with long-lasting yellow-green 'flowers'.
Code F Size Price
FRV-2 Filipendula rubra 'Venusta' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Tall plant with dissected leaves and strong heads of fluffy pink flowers.
FLC-5 Forsythia 'Lynwood Gold'       5 litre pot £12.00
Shrub with upright spreading habit with bright yellow flowers up stem.
FRO-2 Francoa ramosa       2 litre pot £9.00
Pretty pink-flushed white flowers on slender stems.
FSL-2 Francoa sonchifolia       2 litre pot £8.00
Stems of light pink flowers, with deeper pink markings.
FSV-2 Francoa sonchifolia 'Petite Bouquet'       2 litre pot £8.00
Tall stems crowded with rich pink flowers with a deep central stripe.
FPM-2 Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant'       2 litre pot £9.00
Tall stems crowded with pink flowers with a deep pink stripe along each petal.
Code G Size Price
G65-1B Galanthus x allenii       1 bulb £6.00
Broad, grey-green leaves and single flowers with a simple green V marking.
GNG-5B Galanthus nivalis AGM     5 bulbs £4.00
Common snowdrop; pretty, nodding white flowers with green markings.
GNF-5B Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus       5 bulbs £4.00
Double-flowered snowdrop.
GRC-1B Galanthus reginae-olgae       1 bulb £10.00
An autumn-flowering snowdrop; delightful.
G48-1B Galanthus 'S Arnott' AGM     1 bulb £4.00
Long-stemmed large flowered variety which clumps up well.
GOR-1 Galium odoratum       1 litre pot £6.00
Starry white flowers over whorled green leaves. Excellent ground cover.
GCS-1B Galtonia candicans AGM     1 bulb £5.00
White, fragrant, bell flowers borne on spikes like a sparsely flowered hyacinth.
GPG-2 Gaultheria procumbens AGM AM   2 litre pot £8.00
White urn-shaped flowers followed by red berries.
GAU-9 Gentiana acaulis AGM FCC   9 cm pot £4.00
Large, brilliant blue flowers with green spots inside.
GKM-9 Gentiana acaulis 'Krumrey'       9 cm pot £4.00
Large, brilliant blue trumpet flowers.
GAO-9 Gentiana acaulis       9 cm pot £4.00
Large, brilliant blue trumpet flowers with green spots inside.
GAX-9 Gentiana asclepiadea AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
The willow gentian, with many tubular, gentian-blue flowers.
GAA-9 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Alba'       9 cm pot £4.00
White-flowered form of willow gentian; a short herbaceous perennial.
GAK-9 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Knightshayes'       9 cm pot £4.00
Form of the willow gentian with distinctive flared flowers, gentian blue.
GAN-9 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Nana'       9 cm pot £4.00
A compact version of the blue-flowered willow gentian.
GAP-1 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Phyllis'       1 litre pot £6.00
Form of the willow gentian with pale egg-shell blue flowers.
G3X-9 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Whitethroat'       9 cm pot £4.00
Form of the willow gentian with stunning rich blue flowers with a white throat.
GDG-1 Gentiana cf. decumbens       1 litre pot £6.00
Tall stems packed with rich blue trumpet flowers in the upper part.
GDH-9 Gentiana 'Eugen's Allerbester'       9 cm pot £4.00
A splendid double autumn gentian with intense blue trumpet flowers.
G3H-1 Gentiana gracilipes       1 litre pot £6.00
Easy-growing Gentian with abundant bright blue flowers.
GGA-1 Gentiana grossheimii       1 litre pot £6.00
A prostrate gentian with masses of intense, deep blue flowers.
GLA-9 Gentiana ligustica       9 cm pot £6.00
Large, vivid blue trumpet flowers with small, shiny dark green pointed leaves.
GLK-9 Gentiana 'Lucerna'   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Vigorous autumn gentian with abundant white-streaked purple trumpet flowers.
GLS-1 Gentiana lutea       1 litre pot £7.00
Whorls of up to 10 brilliant yellow flowers up tall stems.
GPP-9 Gentiana paradoxa AGM AM   9 cm pot £5.00
Short upright stems with bright blue trumpet flowers.
GRT-9 Gentiana robusta       9 cm pot £5.00
Tight clusters of many white flowers on broad-leaved stem.
GSS-9 Gentiana saxosa       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of olive-green leaves and many small white flowers.
GSM-9 Gentiana septemfida AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Masses of brilliant, rich blue trumpet flowers.
GDJ-9 Gentiana sino-ornata 'Downfield'       9 cm pot £4.00
A reliable and vigorous autumn gentian with light blue trumpet flowers.
GSW-9 Gentiana 'Sternschuppe'       9 cm pot £4.00
Mats of glossy, dark-green leaves and light-blue trumpet flowers in early summer
GSC-9 Gentiana straminea       9 cm pot £4.00
A rounded cluster of white, trumpet-shaped flowers.
GST-9 Gentiana 'Strathmore' AGM AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Unusual pale blue trumpet flowers in autumn.
GV9-9 Gentiana verna Burren form       9 cm pot £4.00
Spring gentian with white-throated, pure sky-blue flowers.
GBP-2 Geranium 'Ballerina' (Cinereum Group) AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Purply pink flowers with red veining and dark eyes.
G9V-2 Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir Pink'       2 litre pot £8.00
Long succession of large, gently cupped, soft pink flowers.
GDU-1 Geranium 'Dusky Rose'       1 litre pot £6.00
Dark reddish green mat of foliage with sweet pink flowers.
GMR-2 Geranium macrorhizum       2 litre pot £8.00
Vigorous clump-forming perennial with pink flowers and autumn foliage colour.
GM9-2 Geranium macrorrhizum 'Ingwersen's variety' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Light green, aromatic leaves and soft lilac-pink flowers in summer.
G9S-2 Geranium maderense AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
The largest species, with divided foliage and many bright pink flowers.
GM3-1 Geranium magniflorum       1 litre pot £6.00
Beautiful finely divided foliage and large purple/blue flowers.
GOH-1 Geranium orientalitibeticum       1 litre pot £6.00
Low growing with creamy-spotted leaves and pinkish-purple flowers.
GPH-2 Geranium phaeum       2 litre pot £8.00
Deep purple, mauve, maroon or white flowers.
GRK-2 Geranium 'Rozanne' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Large lavender blue flowers, purple veined, with a white eye,
GZM-2 Geranium sanguineum 'Album'       2 litre pot £8.00
Dome of deep green leaves and many white flowers over a long period.
GLE-2 Geranium sanguineum var. striatum AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Vigorous low mat with lovely pink flowers.
G2T-2 Geranium 'Summer Skies'       2 litre pot £9.00
Palest lilac blue, compact double flowers.
GC4-2 Geum coccineum       2 litre pot £8.00
Brilliant red flowers over serrated leaves.
GLF-1 Geum 'Lady Stratheden' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Bright yellow semi-double flowers on stems above fresh green leaves.
GLZ-2 Geum 'Lisanne'       2 litre pot £8.00
Compact plant with pale yellow double flowers.
G95-9 Geum pyrenaicum       9 cm pot £4.00
Stems with one or more golden, cup-shaped flowers over lobed leaves.
G8U-1 Geum triflorum       1 litre pot £6.00
Pink buds, pink flowers, and dusky pink feathery seeds.
XGV-N/A Gift token       not applicable £-20.00
An electronic token - a code used to pay for plants, to your choice of value.
GBB-4 Ginkgo biloba       4 litre pot £20.00
Fan-shaped leaves turning yellow in autumn; the 'maidenhair' tree.
5PG-3B Gladiolus 'Atom'       3 bulbs £6.00
Red flowers with a white edge.
GCU-3B Gladiolus x colvillii 'The Bride'       3 bulbs £5.00
Variety with pure white flowers.
GIE-5B Gladiolus italicus       5 bulbs £5.00
Narrow sword-shaped leaves and bright purplish flowers.
GTI-3B Gladiolus trichonemifolius       3 bulbs £5.00
Slender stems with lovely pale yellow flowers; also known as G. citrinus.
GPD-1 Glaucidium palmatum AGM FCC   1 litre pot £12.00
Japanese woodlander with large, mauve, poppy-like flowers over palmate leaves.
GPI-1 Glaucidium palmatum var. leucanthum   AM   1 litre pot £15.00
Large, silky white flowers over palmate leaves; great for a cooler climate.
G9H-9 Globularia cordifolia AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Delightful miniature with spherical heads of blue-grey flowers.
GNJ-9 Globularia nudicaulis       9 cm pot £4.00
Low rosettes with green leaves and little balls of shaggy blue flowers.
GMG-1 Gunnera magellanica       1 litre pot £6.00
Tiny, prostrate contrast to the giant Gunnera.
G2M-9 Gypsophila aretioides       9 cm pot £4.00
Tight, solid domes of tiny leaves, studded with white flowers.
G75-9 Gypsophila cerastioIdes 'Rosy Stripe'       9 cm pot £4.00
Mats of fresh green leaves with masses of rosy pink, red-striped flowers.
Code H Size Price
HEG-9 Halenia elliptica     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Gentian relative with masses of small, graceful pale blue flowers.
H4W-1 Hedera helix 'Fluffy Ruffles'       1 litre pot £6.00
Mid green ruffled leaves with frilled edges.
HHM-9 Hedera helix 'Glacier' AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Evergreen climber/ground cover with grey green, edged with cream.
H23-9 Hedera helix 'Spetchley' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
One of the tiniest of ivies, with leathery dark leaves and maroon new stems.
HMF-2 Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Daisy-like flowers with deep coppery-red ray florets.
HCQ-1 Helianthemum 'Cerise Queen'       1 litre pot £5.00
Rock rose with brilliant pink double flowers.
HCW-1 Helianthemum cupreum       1 litre pot £6.00
Evergreen sub-shrub for the rock garden with orange flowers.
HFY-1 Helianthemum 'Fireball'       1 litre pot £5.00
Double, rich orange/red flowers with olive green foliage.
HEW-1 Helianthemum 'Rhodanthe Carneum' AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Rock rose with silver-grey foliage and large, pink, orange-centred flowers.
HTC-1 Helianthemum 'The Bride' AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Delicate, large, white, papery flowers; silver-grey leaves.
HSG-1 Helictotrichon sempervirens AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Tufted grass with tall, open, golden flower spikes.
HAA-2 Helleborus argutifolius AGM FCC   2 litre pot £8.00
Tough, glossy leaves and bright greenish yellow flowers.
HLK-2 Helleborus lividus x niger       2 litre pot £10.00
Large white flowers on strong upright stems in winter.
HNF-1 Helleborus niger Blackthorn Group       1 litre pot £8.00
Compact Christmas rose with large white flowers opening from pink buds.
5B4-2 Helleborus orientalis       2 litre pot £8.00
Flowers that may be white, green, pink, red or purple.
H5K-9 Helleborus orientalis subsp. abchasicus       9 cm pot £6.00
Deep reddish pink nodding flowers, paler on the inside.
HCN-1 Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate'       1 litre pot £6.00
Day lily with deep red flowers.
HDE-2 Hemerocallis 'Eenie Weenie'       2 litre pot £9.00
Exceptionally compact day lily with extravagant yellow flowers.
HFR-1 Hemerocallis forrestii     F 1 litre pot £6.00
A delightful dwarf day lily with golden yellow flowers.
HLF-2 Hemerocallis 'Lemon Bells'       2 litre pot £9.00
Herbaceous perennial bearing bronze-flushed, yellow trumpet flowers.
HP7-2 Hemerocallis 'Pink Damask' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Day lily with pink flowers.
HSK-1 Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'       1 litre pot £7.00
Golden day-lily with a very long flowering period.
HEN-1 Hepatica nobilis AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Small woodland perennial with lovely early violet, pink or white flowers.
S3L-1 Hesperantha coccinea       1 litre pot £6.00
Open, cup-shaped, red or pink flowers on tall spikes, late in the year.
SZS-1 Hesperantha coccinea 'Sunrise' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Tall spikes with bright pink flowers, late in the year.
HAM-1 Heuchera 'Amethyst Mist'       1 litre pot £6.00
Deep burgundy leaves with silver markings.
HCM-1 Heuchera 'Can-can' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Maroon and silvery grey foliage with strongly ruffled edges.
HCZ-9 Heuchera cylindrica var. alpina       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact, mat-forming alpine with spikes of showy, yellow, tubular flowers.
H5E-1 Heuchera cylindrica       1 litre pot £6.00
Rounded, hairy leaves and tall, cylindrical spikes of small, white flowers.
H5X-1 Heuchera 'Plum Royale'       1 litre pot £6.00
Shiny, purple foliage with darker, bluish veins and pale pink flowers.
H5F-7 Heuchera pulchella       7 cm pot £4.00
Miniature species with petite rose-pink flowers.
H4Q-9 Heuchera cf. rubescens       9 cm pot £4.00
Unidentified species, compact, with rounded, fresh green leaves.
HRN-9 Heuchera rubescens var. versicolor       9 cm pot £4.00
Mounds of rounded, maroon-tinged leaves.
HSZ-1 Heuchera 'Sugar Frosting'       1 litre pot £6.00
Silver-violet markings on burgundy leaves, with creamy white flower spikes.
HKM-1 x Heucherella 'Kimono' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Palmate leaves with dark purple central zone and rosy pink flowers.
HAO-2 Hosta 'Apple Green'       2 litre pot £8.00
Compact, with apple-green foliage and spikes of lilac flowers in summer.
HBH-2 Hosta 'Blue Angel' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Very large blue-grey, ribbed leaves, spikes of white flowers.
HBP-9 Hosta 'Blue Moon'       9 cm pot £4.00
Neat Hosta with white flowers and heart-shaped leaves.
HFH-2 Hosta 'Eric Smith Gold'       2 litre pot £10.00
Striking pale creamy lime green leaves.
HOS-2 Hosta fortunei       2 litre pot £8.00
Oval-shaped dark green leaves with spikes of lilac flowers.
HGC-2 Hosta 'Gingko Craig' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Excellent dwarf variety with narrow, lance-shaped leaves with white margins.
HGD-9 Hosta ex 'Gingko Craig'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf plants with narrow, lance-shaped leaves with white margins.
HJA-2 Hosta 'June' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Hosta with glaucous, grey-blue leaves variegated yellow, lavender-grey flowers.
HKK-2 Hosta 'Krossa Regal' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Clump forming with strong blue green leaves and spikes of pale lilac flowers.
HLJ-1 Hosta 'Little White Lines'       1 litre pot £8.00
Compact plant with narrow, white-edged leaves and purple flowers.
HP8-1 Hosta 'Painted Lady'       1 litre pot £6.00
Hosta that has leaves with a very narrow white strip along the edge.
HPH-9 Hosta 'Paradise Puppet'       9 cm pot £7.00
Compact, with small, tapered green leaves and lilac flowers.
HPE-2 Hosta 'Patriot' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Mid green leaves with broad margins of creamy white.
HPW-1 Hosta 'Praying Hands' AGM     1 litre pot £7.00
Unusual, with folded dark green, gold-margined leaves.
HRG-2 Hosta 'Revolution'       2 litre pot £8.00
Cream-coloured leaves with irregular green margins, bearing lilac flowers.
H3L-1 Hosta 'Stiletto'       1 litre pot £6.00
Compact variety with, thin ripple-edged cream and green leaves; purple flowers.
HTD-1 Hosta 'Twist of Lime'       1 litre pot £8.00
Lime green leaves edged with darker green; dwarf.
HUA-2 Hosta undulata var. univittata   AM   2 litre pot £8.00
Patterned foliage with cream centres and green edges.
HWA-2 Hosta 'Wogon'       2 litre pot £8.00
Dwarf variety with golden green leaves and dark lavender to purple flowers.
H5Z-1 Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'       1 litre pot £6.00
Foliage plant with heart shaped green leaves with red and yellow variegation.
HLA-2 Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' (female)       2 litre pot £10.00
A climbing hop (6 meters in a year!) with bright golden leaves.
HQA-4 Hydrangea quercifolia       4 litre pot £18.00
Oak-leaved hydrangea with white flowers and bronze-purple leaves in autumn.
H3N-4 Hydrangea serrata subsp. sinensis       4 litre pot £15.00
Dwarf hydrangea with blue flowers and beautiful autumn colours.
HJJ-1 Hylomecon japonica   AM   1 litre pot £8.00
Four-petalled yellow poppy flowers; beautiful low woodlander.
Code I Size Price
ISQ-1 Iberis 'Snowflake'       1 litre pot £6.00
Neat mats of foliage covered with pure white flowers.
ICN-9 Incarvillea compacta       9 cm pot £4.00
Showy purple-red trumpet flowers on short stems.
IDE-1 Incarvillea delavayi     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Large, pink trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow throats.
IGI-1 Incarvillea grandiflora       1 litre pot £6.00
Deep crimson pink, large trumpet-shaped flowers.
IHF-1 Incarvillea himalayensis 'Frank Ludlow'       1 litre pot £6.00
Very large reddish pink, white-throated, flared trumpet flowers on short stems.
ILR-1 Incarvillea lutea     F 1 litre pot £8.00
A stunning plant with many large, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers.
IMN-1 Incarvillea mairei   AM F 1 litre pot £6.00
Deepest pink, flared trumpet flowers on short stems.
IOO-9 Incarvillea olgae       9 cm pot £5.00
Shrubby species with glossy deep green foliage and bright pink flowers.
ISK-9 Incarvillea sinensis var. przewalskii       9 cm pot £6.00
Large, yellow, trumpet-like flowers.
IYA-9 Incarvillea younghusbandii     F 9 cm pot £5.00
Deep pink, flared, narrow-tubed trumpet flowers on short stems.
IZA-9 Incarvillea zhongdianensis   PC F 9 cm pot £4.00
Showy, very bright pink trumpet flowers on a short stem.
I24-4 Indigofera himaleyensis 'Silk Road'       4 litre pot £20.00
Shrub with laburnum-like leaves and upright racemes of deep pink pea flowers.
IPO-2 Indigofera pendula       2 litre pot £9.00
Long hanging racemes of dusky rosy-purple pea flowers.
IMO-2 Inula magnifica       2 litre pot £8.00
Golden yellow flowerheads tower above large ovate leaves.
IBA-9 Iris bulleyana     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Dark-veined mid purple flowers, yellow zone on falls.
IBB-2 Iris bulleyana black-flowered     F 2 litre pot £9.00
Seedlings from two black-flowered plants; black or very dark purple.
IBQ-1 Iris cf. bulleyana     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Dark-veined mid purple flowers, yellow zone on falls.
ICB-2 Iris chrysographes black-flowered     F 2 litre pot £8.00
Black flowers with yellow pattern on falls.
I2V-9 Iris chrysographes 'Kew Black'       9 cm pot £4.50
Very dark purple, almost black flowers held on upright stems.
ICQ-1 Iris clarkei       1 litre pot £6.00
Sibirica type; violet blue, with a white, violet-veined patch on the falls.
IDS-2 Iris delavayi AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Large, deep purple flowers on this exceptionally robust form.
IDD-1 Iris douglasiana       1 litre pot £6.00
Two or three bluish purple flowers with reddish-purple falls on each stem.
IGE-9 Iris 'Elizabeth of England'       9 cm pot £4.00
A tall bearded iris with blue flowers.
IFT-2 Iris foetidissima AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Brilliant orange seeds in autumn and winter, lasting for months.
IIF-2 Iris forrestii AGM   F 2 litre pot £8.00
Yellow flowers, veined reddish brown.
IGG-9 Iris graminea AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Flowers with purple standards and violet falls nestling in the foliage.
7FP-1B Iris hoogiana 'Amphion'       1 bulb £5.00
Greyish flowers with deep brown on the falls.
7FO-1B Iris hoogiana 'Antiope'       1 bulb £5.00
Greyish purple flowers with purple on the falls.
ISL-2 Iris hookeri       2 litre pot £8.00
Dwarf purple-flowered iris, with flowers with purple veins and white streaks.
IIN-9 Iris innominata       9 cm pot £4.00
Tough, narrow leaves and yellow, straw or buff flowers.
ILQ-1 Iris lactea       1 litre pot £6.00
Pale, bluish-violet to white flowers
ILB-1 Iris lazica AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Luminous lilac flowers set low among pointed green leaves.
IM4-1 Iris milesii AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Lavender purple flowers have deeper coloured marking on the falls.
IIO-2 Iris MS12       2 litre pot £8.00
Unidentified Asiatic species with elegant, tall leaves and yellow flowers.
IIL-1 Iris MS5       1 litre pot £6.00
Unidentified species, short with very narrow leaves.
IPC-2 Iris cf. pontica       2 litre pot £7.00
Dwarf iris with violet-blue flowers.
IPR-2 Iris prismatica       2 litre pot £8.00
Clusters of 2 or 3 violet blue flowers with purple veins.
7GS-1B Iris pumila 'Cyanea'       1 bulb £5.00
Selection of a lovely dwarf iris with rich, bright purple-blue flowers.
IRL-9 Iris ruthenica var. nana     F 9 cm pot £5.00
Wide mats with succession of stemless, purple flowers with white patch.
IST-2 Iris sanguinea 'Snow Queen'       2 litre pot £9.00
Sparkling white flowers and tall, slender foliage.
II7-2 Iris SDR7962     F 2 litre pot £7.00
Prolifically flowering purple-flowered iris, not yet identified.
ISB-9 Iris setosa AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Pale purple flowers with dark veins.
ISJ-9 Iris setosa var. arctica       9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely lavender blue flowers with silver veining above sword-shaped leaves.
ISU-2 Iris sibirica AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Violet-blue flowers with dark veining.
ISV-2 Iris spuria subsp. halophila       2 litre pot £8.00
Blue, yellow or white flowers and tough, broad leaves.
ITT-1 Iris tectorum       1 litre pot £6.00
Large, pale purple flowers with darker markings, for a sunny site.
ITC-1 Iris tectorum 'Alba'       1 litre pot £6.00
Large, white flowers with yellow centre, for a sunny site.
ITD-1B Iris 'Theseus'       1 bulb £5.00
Violet flowers with dark purple veins; a regelio-cyclus hybrid.
ITB-2 Iris typhifolia       2 litre pot £8.00
Long, narrow leaves and dark violet flowers.
IUC-1 Iris unguicularis subsp. cretensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Midwinter iris; large scented lavender flowers, streaked yellow on the falls.
IVV-2 Iris versicolor       2 litre pot £8.00
Violet flowers with dark veins and yellow spot on falls.
IWE-2 Iris wilsonii AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
A member of the sibirica section with large yellow flowers.
5R4-3B Ixia 'Yellow Emperor'       3 bulbs £4.00
Spikes with many primrose yellow flowers with deep red centres.
Code J Size Price
JNA-2 Jasminum nudiflorum AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Slender, deciduous shrub with bright yellow flowers.
JDB-1 Jeffersonia dubia       1 litre pot £12.00
Cup-shaped pale purple flowers, with the new leaves bronze coloured.
JHA-9 Jovibarba hirta       9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes of green leaves, streaked red-brown, and pale yellow, starry flowers.
JSE-9 Jovibarba sobolifera       9 cm pot £3.00
Tight rosettes of pink blushed foliage,and spikes of yellow-green flowers.
Code K Size Price
KAA-2 Kalmia angustifolia AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Clusters of cup-shaped, mid pink flowers.
KPP-2 Kirengeshoma palmata       2 litre pot £8.00
Japanese herbaceous perennial, with pale yellow flowers.
KB5-2 Kniphofia 'Bressingham Comet'       2 litre pot £10.00
Red-hot poker with spikes of bright red and yellow tubular flowers.
K4B-2 Kniphofia caulescens AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Splendid red-hot poker with grey-green leaves and red and yellow flowers.
KCT-2 Kniphofia citrina       2 litre pot £8.00
A red-hot poker with lemon yellow flowers.
KF7-2 Kniphofia fluviatilis       2 litre pot £8.00
Bright red and orange buds opening to yellow flowerheads.
KT3-2 Kniphofia triangularis       2 litre pot £8.00
Red-hot poker with reddish-orange flowers.
KUI-2 Kniphofia uvaria       2 litre pot £8.00
Spike of red flower buds opening to orange and fading to yellow.
KFS-1 Koenigia forrestii     F 1 litre pot £8.00
Rarely seen plant with showy white flowers over dark green leaves.
Code L Size Price
DSJ-2 Lamprocapnos spectabilis AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Rose-pink outer petals with white inners protruding from the 'hearts'.
DSA-2 Lamprocapnos spectabilis white-flowered       2 litre pot £8.00
Long, arching sprays of white 'bleeding heart' flowers.
LAC-9 Leontopodium alpinum   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
The edelweiss; low mats of grey-green leaves and heads of soft, felty bracts.
L4L-9 Leontopodium calocephalum       9 cm pot £4.00
Himalayan edelweiss; mats of grey-green leaves and heads of soft, felty bracts.
LCL-9 Leontopodium coreanum       9 cm pot £4.00
Felty grey edelweiss flowers on short stems over grey-green leaves.
L8K-9 Leontopodium cf. nanum       9 cm pot £4.00
Unidentified edelweiss with narrow, silver-grey leaves.
L3T-9 Leontopodium stracheyi       9 cm pot £4.00
Himalayan edelweiss; white felted star flowers and white-hairy leaves.
LPB-9 Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'       9 cm pot £4.00
Finely divided bronze foliage with black and red button-like flower heads.
L4P-9 Lesquerella arctica var. purshii       9 cm pot £4.00
Attractive silver-grey basal leaves and bladder-like seed pods.
LAG-3B Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' AGM     3 bulbs £7.00
Half a dozen white flowers tipped with green; vigorous, large-flowered variety.
LVA-1B Leucojum vernum AGM     1 bulb £4.00
Spring snowflake. Six-petalled white, hanging flowers with green or yellow tips.
LEA-9 Leucopogon ericoides       9 cm pot £5.00
A creeping subshrub with glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers.
LB4-9 Lewisia 'Brynhyfryd' four-way hybrid       9 cm pot £4.00
Hybrid of four species with a succession of flowers over a very long period.
L8I-9 Lewisia 'Brynhyfryd' four-way hybrid pink       9 cm pot £4.00
Hybrid of four species with a long succession of pink flowers.
LB6-9 Lewisia 'Brynhyfryd' four-way hybrid white       9 cm pot £4.00
Hybrid of four species with a long succession of white flowers.
LB7-9 Lewisia 'Brynhyfryd' four-way hybrid yellow       9 cm pot £4.00
Hybrid of four species with a long succession of yellow flowers.
LBM-9 Lewisia 'Brynhyfryd Hybrids'       9 cm pot £4.00
A lovely mix of hybrids, from a selected group of good parents.
LBS-9 Lewisia Brynhyfryd white special       9 cm pot £3.50
Excellent (probably tetraploid) cotyledon/longipetala hybrid with white flowers.
LBQ-9 Lewisia Brynhyfryd yellow-orange       9 cm pot £4.00
Unique strain of four-way hybrids with yellow-orange flowers.
LCA-9 Lewisia columbiana 'Alba'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosettes of slender, fleshy leaves and loose heads of pure whte flowers.
LCM-9 Lewisia columbiana 'Rosea'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dark green rosettes and rich carmine flowers.
LCG-1 Lewisia cotyledon AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Cultivated strain retaining normal wild colour, pale pink with deep pink stripe.
L2K-1 Lewisia cotyledon 'Bright Eyes'       1 litre pot £6.00
Evergreen rosettes and many-flowered stems in a range of bright colours.
L2M-9 Lewisia cotyledon double-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Cultivated strain from plants with double flowers; usually come true.
LLC-9 Lewisia 'Little Peach'       9 cm pot £5.00
Peachy, red-veined flowers; the easiest Lewisia outside.
LNX-9 Lewisia nevadensis 'Alba'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosettes of long, narrow, fleshy leaves and starry pure white flowers.
LPQ-9 Lewisia pygmaea       9 cm pot £4.00
Tuft of fleshy leaves and deliacte cluster of pink flowers.
L7D-9 Lewisia pygmaea carmine-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Tuft of fleshy leaves and clusters of rich pink flowers.
LRO-9 Lewisia rediviva       9 cm pot £4.00
Small, narrow, fleshy leaves and large flowers, white to deep pink.
LRF-9 Lewisia rediviva dark pink flowered       9 cm pot £5.00
A deep pink-flowered selection, with the usual narrow leaves and large flowers.
LRW-9 Lewisia rediviva white-flowered       9 cm pot £5.00
Pure white flowers above the rosette of thin fleshy leaves.
LTD-9 Lewisia tweedyi AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Rosette of large, fleshy leaves and flowers of pink, apricot or white.
LEJ-2 Liatris elegans       2 litre pot £8.00
Spikes of purple to pale lavender pink flowers.
L4O-2 Liatris spicata       2 litre pot £8.00
Upright spikes of mauve feathery flowers.
L54-2 Liatris spicata 'Alba'       2 litre pot £8.00
Spikes of white flower heads in mid-summer; grassy, pale-green foliage.
LGG-2 Libertia grandiflora AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Several clusters of white flowers on each stem, with stiff, grassy leaves.
LPA-9 Libertia peregrinans       9 cm pot £4.00
Loose sprays of white flowers above fans of stiff, bronze leaves.
L86-9 Libertia pulchella blue-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Unusual dwarf form with blue flowers.
L8T-1 Libertia sessiflora 'Ballyrogan Blue'       1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes of china blue flowers with yellow stamens.
L7A-2 Ligularia DS854       2 litre pot £8.00
Round basal leaves and daisy flowers, probably yellow.
L4K-2 Ligularia przewalski AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Narrow spikes of yellow flowers with dark purple stems and deep green leaves.
LTC-2 Ligularia 'The Rocket' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Large, deep green leaves and spires of yellow flowers on black stems.
LCQ-1B Lilium candidum       1 bulb £6.00
Trumpet-shaped pure white flowers with yellow bases.
5ST-1b Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno'       1 bulb £6.00
Double orange flowers.
LMM-1B Lilium mackliniae   AM   1 bulb £6.00
Slightly nodding, bowl-shaped pink flowers with a purple flush.
LMA-1B Lilium martagon var. album AGM     1 bulb £6.00
Pure white, Turk's cap flowers on tall stems.
LMR-1B Lilium monadelphum pale form       1 bulb £8.00
Fragrant, nodding, open, trumpet-shaped, pale yellow flowers.
LMP-1B Lilium nepalense       1 bulb £6.00
Gorgeous lily with large, hanging yellow-green flowers with maroon insides.
LPG-1B Lilium pumilum AGM     1 bulb £6.00
Up to 20 brilliant scarlet Turk's-cap flowers,
LRD-1B Lilium regale AGM     1 bulb £6.00
Very fragrant, large white flowers flushed purple outside.
5TF-1B Lilium superbum       1 bulb £7.00
Orange with an orange-red centre, spotted yellow.
LAJ-9 Linum arboreum AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Dwarf evergreen with funnel-shaped bright yellow flowers.
LFV-9 Linum flavum       9 cm pot £3.00
Woody perennial with yellow, open, funnel-shaped flowers.
LFG-9 Linum flavum 'Compactum'       9 cm pot £3.00
Upright, woody perennial with bright yellow, funnel-shaped flowers in summer.
L9E-9 Linum perenne       9 cm pot £4.00
Blue flax; small pale blue flowers with narrow, blue-green leaves.
L45-2 Liriope muscari AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Evergreen perennial with strap shaped leaves and bright violet mauve flowers.
L9D-9 Lithodora 'Blue Star'       9 cm pot £4.00
White star-shaped flowers with a broad blue stripe along each petal.
L34-3 Lonicera SDR6044       3 litre pot £9.00
A low shrubby species of the honeysuckle family, not yet identified.
LSF-9 Lychnis alpina 'Snow Flurry'       9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of many small white flowers, like a snowball.
LFC-2 Lychnis flos-cuculi       2 litre pot £7.00
Ragged robin; many thin, pink petals; for a damp place.
LFI-2 Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Copper brown foliage with spikes of bright yellow flowers.
LLA-2 Lysimachia lichiangensis       2 litre pot £8.00
Attractive grey, white-veined leaves; spikes of pale pink, red-veined flowers.
L5C-2 Lysimachia minoricensis       2 litre pot £10.00
Primarily a foliage plant, with dark green marbled leaves.
Code M Size Price
MOF-1 Magnolia officinalis var. biloba       1 litre pot £20.00
Deciduous magnolia with fragant creamy white flowers with crimson stamens.
MR6-1 Mahonia repens       1 litre pot £8.00
Creeping shrub with shiny leaves, yellow flowers and matt blue berries.
M5S-1 Maianthemum canadense       1 litre pot £8.00
Woodlander with clusters of white, starry flowers; useful ground cover.
SRZ-1 Maianthemum racemosum AGM     1 litre pot £8.00
Clump-forming perennial bearing feathery spikes of fragrant white flowers.
M7N-4 Malus hupehensis       4 litre pot £20.00
Magnificent crab apple with pink buds opening to palest pink flowers.
M2O-2 Matteuccia struthiopteris AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Deciduous fern which produces lance-shaped 'shuttlecocks' in Spring.
MAT-2 Meconopsis 'Ascreavie'   PC   2 litre pot £10.00
Perennial blue poppy with super propeller-shaped petals; large toothed leaf.
MBW-2 Meconopsis baileyi AGM AM   2 litre pot £9.00
The wonderful Himalayan blue poppy.
MBA-2 Meconopsis baileyi var. alba       2 litre pot £9.00
White-flowered strain of the perennial Himalayan blue poppy.
MBH-2 Meconopsis baileyi 'Hensol Violet'   PC   2 litre pot £9.00
A strain of the 'blue' poppy with reddish purple flowers with yellow stamens.
MBX-2 Meconopsis 'Barney's Blue'       2 litre pot £10.00
Excellent perennial blue poppy, blue flowers opening from purple buds.
MBM-2 Meconopsis 'Bobby Masterton' AGM PC   2 litre pot £10.00
Highly attractive blue poppy; very similar flowers to 'Slieve Donard'.
MCF-9 Meconopsis cambrica 'Frances Perry'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rare form of the Welsh poppy with red single flowers.
MXC-1 Meconopsis x cookei 'Old Rose'   PC   1 litre pot £9.00
Hybrid of M. punicea and quintuplinervia: beautiful dusky pink drooping flowers.
MCV-2 Meconopsis 'Crarae'       2 litre pot £10.00
Blue poppy with large, globular, silky, soft blue flowers.
M7C-1 Meconopsis 'Crewdson Hybrid'       1 litre pot £8.00
Blue poppy with deep blue, frilly, open cup-shaped flowers.
MG8-1 Meconopsis grandis 'Ballyrogan'       1 litre pot £8.00
Very good form of one of the blue poppies, vigorous and a good blue colour.
MHW-2 Meconopsis 'Huntfield'   AM   2 litre pot £10.00
A superb form with deep blue flowers shaded purple.
M7Y-2 Meconopsis 'Jim's Ex'       2 litre pot £10.00
Blue Himalayan poppy, seedlings from 'Jimmy Bayne', lovely blue and fertile.
MKD-1 Meconopsis 'Keillour Violet'       1 litre pot £8.00
Seed-raised plants from 'Keillour', which always have violet flowers.
MLA-2 Meconopsis 'Lingholm' (Fertile Blue Group)   AM   2 litre pot £9.00
Excellent blue Himalayan poppy, long-lived and fertile.
M5N-2 Meconopsis 'Marit' AGM AM   2 litre pot £10.00
Hybrid of a blue poppy with Meconopis integrifolia with white flowers.
M7M-1 Meconopsis 'Mervyn Kessell'       1 litre pot £8.00
Tall, vigorous, late season blue poppy, with clear blue flowers.
M42-1 Meconopsis 'Mop-head' AGM     1 litre pot £8.00
Blue Himalayan poppy with huge, rich blue flower.
MN2-2 Meconopsis napaulensis (cult)       2 litre pot £10.00
Pink, red or purple flowers above huge rosette of hairy leaves. Monocarpic.
M2D-2 Meconopsis 'P. C. Abildgaard' AGM AM   2 litre pot £10.00
Excellent blue poppy (Infertile Blue Group) with lovely pure sky-blue flowers.
MPU-9 Meconopsis punicea       9 cm pot £7.00
Large, hanging red flowers with pointed petals, on separate stems. Monocarpic.
MQA-9 Meconopsis quintuplinervia AGM     9 cm pot £7.00
Mat of hairy leaves, with nodding mauve flowers. Perennial.
MDB-2 Meconopsis 'Slieve Donard' AGM FCC   2 litre pot £10.00
Superb blue poppy, with large, sky-blue flowers.
M2S-2 Meconopsis 'Stewart Annand'       2 litre pot £10.00
Tall, vigorous, late season blue poppy, with clear blue flowers.
MMK-1B Merendera montana       1 bulb £4.00
Colchicum relative with reddish purple flowers with narrow petals.
MM6-9 Mertensia maritima       9 cm pot £5.00
Prostrate, spreading perennial with tubular blue flowers and fleshy leaves.
MCG-1 Mimulus cardinalis AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Tall musk with large, orange-red flowers.
MHR-9 Mimulus 'Highland Red' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Fresh green leaves and bright scarlet flowers.
M68-9 Mimulus naiandinus AGM AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Creamy yellow flowers marked with purple.
M6V-9 Minuartia stellata       9 cm pot £4.00
Neat cushion of fresh green leaves covered with masses of white flowers.
MC6-2 Mitraria coccinea       2 litre pot £12.00
Evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and vivid scarlet flowers; can climb.
MH5-1B Moraea huttonii       1 bulb £6.00
Like an Iris, with yellow flowers streaked with brown.
M3Y-3B Moraea spathulata       3 bulbs £6.00
Large, bright yellow, iris-like flowers.
MA5-2 Morina alba       2 litre pot £9.00
Clusters of white, tubular flowers above tufts of slightly prickly leaves.
MLL-2 Morina longifolia       2 litre pot £8.00
Spiny thistle leaves and whorls of long-tubed flowers, white fading to pink.
MVV-3B Muscari armeniacum 'Valerie Finnis'       3 bulbs £3.00
Muscari with porcelain blue flowers.
MR9-9 Mutisia retrorsa       9 cm pot £5.00
Scrambling climber with large, orange-yellow daisy flowers.
MHH-9 Myosotidium hortensia       9 cm pot £4.00
Large glossy leaves and heads with masses of forget-me-not flowers; magnificent.
Code N Size Price
NBC-1B Narcissus bulbocodium AGM     1 bulb £4.00
The 'hoop-petticoat' daffodil - a dwarf with dainty yellow flowers.
NSS-1B Nectaroscordum siculum       1 bulb £5.00
Many hanging, bell-shaped florets coloured greenish white and plum. Striking!
NFK-2 Nepeta x faassenii AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Loose mats of aromatic grey-green leaves and spikes of pale blue flowers.
NBW-1B Nerine bowdenii AGM     1 bulb £5.00
Sugar-pink flowers with narrow, wavy-edged petals.
NBX-1B Nerine bowdenii 'Bianca Perla'       1 bulb £5.00
5TZ-1B Nerine bowdenii 'Favourite'       1 bulb £5.00
Dark pink.
NBV-1B Nerine bowdenii 'Patricia       1 bulb £5.00
Soft, pale pink flowers, with long, narrow petals.
Code O Size Price
OLC-9 Omphalodes lucilliae       9 cm pot £4.00
Beautiful tufted alpine with blue-grey foliage and sky blue flowers.
MGF-9 Origanum majorana 'Aureum'       9 cm pot £3.00
Aromatic herb with bright golden foliage.
ONC-1B Ornithogalum nutans AGM     1 bulb £4.00
Nodding white flowers, pale green outside. Easy, and surprisingly rarely seen.
OPB-1B Ornithogalum pyramidale       1 bulb £5.00
Tall spikes packed with starry white flowers.
OPC-1B Ornithogalum pyrenaicum       1 bulb £5.00
Tall stem of up to 50 starry, greenish- or creamy-white flowers.
ORR-3 Osmunda regalis AGM     3 litre pot £10.00
The royal fern, with many tall, branched fronds and rusty brown fruiting spike.
OCC-9 Ourisia coccinea       9 cm pot £4.00
Upright stems with brilliant red tubular, hanging flowers.
OLE-9 Ourisia 'Loch Ewe'       9 cm pot £4.00
Spreading low mats and pink flowers.
OAA-3B Oxalis adenophylla AGM     3 bulbs £4.00
Showy flowers, lilac with very dark purple veins.
OER-1B Oxalis enneaphylla 'Rosea'       1 bulb £4.00
Clumps of leaves with grey finger leaflets, and soft pink flowers.
OIH-1B Oxalis 'Ione Hecker' AGM     1 bulb £4.00
Large flowers, dark purple at the centre and paler towards the outside.
OWC-1B Oxalis 'Waverley Hybrid'       1 bulb £4.00
Large deep violet flowers with dark purple veins.
OCI-1 Oxytropis campestris var. gracilis       1 litre pot £6.00
Pale creamy white flowers over silvery pinnate foliage.
OCP-9 Ozothamnus 'County Park Silver'   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of stems with silver grey leaves tightly pressed.
Code P Size Price
Q5L-1 Pachysandra procumbens       1 litre pot £6.00
Spreading evergreen with spikes of many small pinky white flowers.
QB8-9 Paederota bonarota       9 cm pot £4.00
Lilac to violet blue flowers in compact clusters above rather hairy foliage.
QOM-9 Paeonia anomala       9 cm pot £8.00
Very attractive species, with large purple-pink flowers, sometimes in abundance.
QBY-1 Paeonia berezowskii       1 litre pot £15.00
Like Paeonia veitchii but with deeper pink flowers.
QCB-1 Paeonia cambessedesii AGM FCC   1 litre pot £12.00
Single, pink, bowl-shaped flowers with wavy margins.
QDY-2 Paeonia delavayi     F 2 litre pot £14.00
Tree peony with nodding, dark red flowers.
QDW-1 Paeonia delavayi var. angustiloba     F 1 litre pot £10.00
Tree peony with deep red flowers.
QPO-2 Paeonia delavayi var. angustiloba f. angustiloba       2 litre pot £15.00
Chinese species with lemon yellow flowers.
QDL-2 Paeonia delavayi var. delavayi f. lutea     F 2 litre pot £15.00
Tree peony with bright yellow flowers.
5QO-1 Paeonia lactiflora 'Krinkled White'       1 litre pot £10.00
Wide open, single, pure white flowers with ruffled petals.
XLL-1 Paeonia lactiflora 'Lemon Queen'       1 litre pot £10.00
Delicate white flowers with yellow-tipped petaloids followed by red seed pods.
QLS-2 Paeonia x lagodechiana       2 litre pot £15.00
P.mlokosewitschii hybrid with large pink flowers.
5PC-2 Paeonia 'Late Windflower'       2 litre pot £22.00
Single white flowers over very dissected foliage.
QLK-2 Paeonia ludlowii       2 litre pot £15.00
Tree peony with bright yellow cup-shaped flowers.
QMO-2 Paeonia mascula       2 litre pot £15.00
Early-flowering peony with lovely red flowers.
QMJ-1 Paeonia mascula subsp. mascula       1 litre pot £10.00
Peony with sumptuous open bowl-shaped flowers of an intense rose-red.
QM6-1 Paeonia mascula subsp. russii       1 litre pot £10.00
Striking peony with large, violet to pink flowers and grey-green leaves.
QMD-9 Paeonia mascula subsp. triternata       9 cm pot £8.00
Peony with large, bright rosy pink flowers contrasting with yellow stamens.
QMM-1 Paeonia mlokosewitschii (seed grown) AGM     1 litre pot £12.00
Glorious, large, lemon yellow flowers, occasionally pink.
QMP-1 Paeonia mlokosewitschii hybrids       1 litre pot £10.00
Lovely large flowers, lemon yellow but sometimes pink with yellow stamens.
QOO-1 Paeonia obovata AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Cup-shaped flowers in white, pink or purple-red.
QOA-9 Paeonia obovata var. alba AGM     9 cm pot £10.00
Large, white, cup-shaped flowers and deep blue and scarlet seeds.
QOF-2 Paeonia officinalis       2 litre pot £15.00
Classic cottage peony with large cup-shaped deep magenta flowers.
QOT-2 Paeonia officinalis subsp. banatica       2 litre pot £15.00
Large, rich red flowers with yellow stamens; leaves more divided than usual.
QOE-1 Paeonia officinalis subsp. microcarpa       1 litre pot £10.00
Classic cottage peony with large cup-shaped pink flowers.
QPR-2 Paeonia peregrina   AM   2 litre pot £15.00
Large, dark red cupped flowers, almost globular.
XRL-1 Paeonia rockii subsp. taibanshanica       1 litre pot £20.00
Superb tree peony with large white flowers with dark red centres.
Q2F-1 Paeonia suffruticosa       1 litre pot £10.00
Tree peony with large single or double rose-pink to white flowers.
XTN-2 Paeonia tenuifolia 'Merry Mayshine'       2 litre pot £25.00
Beautiful peony with fragrant, bright crimson flowers with yellow centres.
XTD-9 Paeonia triternata       9 cm pot £8.00
Purple-pink flowers and blue-green waxy foliage.
QVT-2 Paeonia veitchii     F 2 litre pot £18.00
A clump of leafy stems and rich pink flowers.
QVW-2 Paeonia veitchii var. woodwardii       2 litre pot £18.00
Lovely single, pink flowers and slightly hairy foliage.
QLD-9 Paradisea lusitanica       9 cm pot £4.00
Robust St. Bruno's lily; tall stems with spikes of starry white flowers.
Q9P-9 Parahebe catarractae 'Porlock'       9 cm pot £4.00
Small trailing evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and lavender flowers.
Q2J-9 Parahebe 'Snow Clouds'       9 cm pot £4.00
Pretty, white, saucer-shaped flowers, glossy, dark green leaves.
QPS-1 Paris quadrifolia     F 1 litre pot £10.00
Wonderful spidery solitary flower above a single whorl of leaves.
QIO-1 Paris thibetica       1 litre pot £12.00
Very slender yellow petals and yellow stamens above a whorl of leaves.
Q5K-9 Parnassia gansuensis       9 cm pot £5.00
Beautiful grass of parnassus with fringed white flowers.
QNQ-9 Parnassia nubicola       9 cm pot £5.00
Dainty flower with five white petals over a basal rosette of deep green leaves.
QA4-1 Penstemon azureus       1 litre pot £6.00
Deep purple-blue tubular flowers.
QCN-9 Penstemon campanulatus       9 cm pot £4.00
Mats of grey-green leaves with heads of lovely purplish flowers.
XCU-1 Penstemon cardinalis subsp. regalis       1 litre pot £6.00
Bright red, tubular flowers.
XCF-1 Penstemon confertus       1 litre pot £4.00
Spikes of many pale lemon yellow flowers.
QEB-1 Penstemon eatonii       1 litre pot £6.00
Upright spikes lined with brilliant scarlet tubular flowers.
QEU-1 Penstemon euglaucus       1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes of dark blue flowers over mats of bluish foliage.
QGT-1 Penstemon 'Garnet' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes packed with red, slightly pinkish, flowers; for the herbaceous border.
QH9-2 Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus       2 litre pot £8.00
Pale violet flowers, and leaves that are rich purple in winter.
QP8-9 Penstemon pinifolius AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf species with tubular orange-red flowers and needle-like leaves.
QPY-1 Penstemon pinifolius 'Mersea Yellow'   AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Low shrublet with bright yellow flowers.
QPW-9 Penstemon pinifolius 'Wisley Flame' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Low shrublet with scarlet tubular flowers.
QTG-1 Penstemon serrulatus       1 litre pot £6.00
Several whorls of blue-purple flowers; for a damp place.
Q22-2 Persicaria affinis 'Superba' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Tight groups of white to dark red flowers through summer and autumn.
XBS-2 Persicaria bistorta 'Superba' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Wide mats with spikes of pink-mauve flowers.
XXL-2 Persicaria emodi       2 litre pot £8.00
A mat of slender green leaves with spikes of red flowers.
QMT-1 Persicaria cf. macrophylla       1 litre pot £5.00
Spreading red stems with small, privet-like leaves; identity not known.
QV4-1 Persicaria vaccinifolia AGM     1 litre pot £7.00
Many narrow spikes of pink flowers above a spreading mat of green leaves.
TOZ-9 Phemeranthus sediformis 'Zoe'       9 cm pot £5.00
This Okanogan fameflower has pink flowers over tiny, grey-green leaves.
QB3-1 Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Arching, deciduous shrub with abundance of fragrant, white flowers.
Q5F-4 Philadelphus SDR4862       4 litre pot £15.00
Shrub with lovely scented white flowers.
XFE-2 Phlomis fruticosa AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Erect, densely woolly perennial with whorls of hooded, lilac coloured flowers.
XCQ-9 Phlox colubrina       9 cm pot £4.00
Loose, trailing mat with fragrant white or pink flowers.
QDC-9 Phlox douglasii 'Crackerjack' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Cascading low foliage with very bright pink flowers.
XDI-1 Phlox douglasii 'Ice Mountain'       1 litre pot £5.00
A fine white form with bright green foliage.
Q6S-2 Phlox paniculata 'Spitfire'       2 litre pot £8.00
Perennial with dark red tinged leaves and brilliant red flowers.
QYL-2 Phlox paniculata 'Starfire' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Perennial with shocking pink flowers on almost black stems.
QWA-2 Phlox paniculata 'White Admiral' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
White-flowered perennial phlox.
XSG-9 Phlox subulata 'Apple Blossom'       9 cm pot £4.00
Creeping mat with lots of pale pink flowers.
XSU-1 Phlox subulata 'Marjorie'       1 litre pot £5.00
Strong pink flowers with a cerise eye.
QTF-9 Phlox subulata 'Tamaonagalei'       9 cm pot £3.00
Cascading low foliage with white flowers streaked with carmine.
XDE-4 Photinia davidiana       4 litre pot £20.00
Evergreen shrub bearing small white flowers then red berries.
QHF-9 x Phylliopsis 'Coppelia' AGM FCC   9 cm pot £5.00
Ericaceous hybrid with clusters of flowers of a clear mid pink.
XAZ-9 x Phylliopsis hillieri 'Askival'       9 cm pot £5.00
Dwarf ericaceous shrub with glossy green leaves and bright purple-pink flowers.
QIS-2 Pieris 'Firecrest' AGM   F 2 litre pot £9.00
Shrub with brilliant red new growth and hanging racemes of white flowers.
QFH-2 Pieris 'Forest Flame' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Small shrub with brilliant red new growth and hanging heads of white flowers.
QJM-1 Pieris japonica 'Minor'       1 litre pot £6.00
Really dwarf variety with hanging clusters of white, urn-shaped flowers.
QJA-2 Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Long racemes of white flowers; fiery coloured foliage in spring.
QHO-1 Plantago holosteum       1 litre pot £5.00
Grassy tufts of foliage and golden-brown, grass-like flowers.
QGF-1 Platycodon grandiflorus AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Strange balloon flowers, closed at the mouth, later flaring widely open.
QGL-1 Platycodon grandiflorus 'Albus'       1 litre pot £6.00
Large white flowers, closed at the mouth, eventually opening.
QG2-1 Platycodon grandiflorus pink-flowered       1 litre pot £6.00
Pink flowers are closed at the mouth, then flare widely open.
QGU-9 Platycodon grandiflorus pumilus       9 cm pot £4.00
Short form with purple flowers, closed at the mouth, then flaring widely open.
XX3-1 Pleurospermum SDR7941       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf high alpine umbellifer with wide umbels of white/pink flowers.
XX2-1 Pleurospermum SDR7985       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf alpine umbellifer with white to pale rose flowers.
QP6-2 Podophyllum peltatum       2 litre pot £9.00
White saucer-shaped flowers with yellow stamens. Lime-like fruit.
QB5-2 Polemonium brandegeei       2 litre pot £8.00
Unusual tubular, straw-coloured flowers in summer, over feathery foliage.
Q2O-2 Polemonium caeruleum       2 litre pot £8.00
Blue flowers on tall upright stems above attractive leaves.
QCH-2 Polemonium caeruleum subsp. caeruleum       2 litre pot £8.00
'Jacob's ladder' - herbaceous perennial with lots of pale blue flowers.
QCA-2 Polemonium caeruleum subsp. caeruleum f. album       2 litre pot £8.00
Spikes of pure white flowers in this form of 'Jacob's ladder'.
QCT-1 Polemonium caeruleum var. lacteum       1 litre pot £6.00
Form of 'Jacob's ladder' with pure white flowers.
Q3H-1 Polemonium pauciflorum subsp. hinckleyi       1 litre pot £6.00
Rare variety of the species, with clusters of soft yellow, red-tinged flowers.
QVA-9 Polemonium viscosum       9 cm pot £4.00
High alpine with sticky, hairy leaves and pale sky blue flowers.
QCL-9 Polygala chamaebuxus AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Suckering shrublet; flowers bicoloured rich buttercup and pale yellow.
QCG-9 Polygala chamaebuxus var. grandiflora AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Suckering shrublet with yellow flowers with very deep red-purple wings.
QWV-2 Polygonatum biflorum       2 litre pot £8.00
Large Solomon's Seal with arching branches and greenish white flowers.
QHI-9 Polygonatum hookeri   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
A 5 cm dwarf, with starry pink flowers on stems clasped by fleshy leaves.
QHX-2 Polygonatum x hybridum AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Solomon's seal, with tubular green-tipped, creamy white flowers.
5WP-1 Polygonatum orientale       1 litre pot £8.00
Greenish white.
Q4R-9 Polygonatum prattii       9 cm pot £5.00
Short stems with pale pinky-grey flowers; an unusual colour scheme.
QR9-9 Polygonatum roseum       9 cm pot £5.00
Solomon's seal with pink flowers in the leaf axils.
XTH-2 Polystichum tsussimense AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Korean rock fern; compact evergreen with distinctive inverted cone shape.
Q3R-1 Potentilla atrosanguinea       1 litre pot £6.00
Domes of strawberry-like leaves and brilliant red flowers.
Q9F-2 Potentilla CC5836       2 litre pot £8.00
A low mat with hairy leaves and clusters of bright yellow flowers.
Q6U-1 Potentilla cuneata AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Low mats with large, rich yellow flowers.
QF2-2 Potentilla fruticosa 'Pumila'       2 litre pot £8.00
Compact version of well-known shrub with many yellow flowers in summer.
QNM-2 Potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Low plant with very bright cerise pink flowers.
QPD-1 Potentilla aff. polyphylla ex       1 litre pot £6.00
A low mat with clusters of bright yellow flowers.
XTO-1 Potentilla tonguei       1 litre pot £6.00
Apricot flowers with a bright red centre
KCD-9 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. caucasica       9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely, nodding umbels of deep rich pink or white flowers.
KCE-9 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. caucasica 'Alba'       9 cm pot £4.00
A whorl of very pretty white, hanging flowers with reflexed petals.
CRT-1 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. matthioli       1 litre pot £6.00
Whorl of hanging deep pink flowers, sometimes white.
KMZ-1 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. matthioli var. congesta       1 litre pot £6.00
Compact form; whorl of hanging, deep pink, swept-back flowers.
CMP-9 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. pekinensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Variety with deeply lobed and divided leaves; pink flowers with reflexed petals.
KMS-1 Primula (Cortusa) matthioli subsp. sachalinensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Whorl of hanging deep pink flowers, sometimes white.
DAJ-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) alpinum       9 cm pot £5.00
Bright pink flowers with white and yellow centres.
DCL-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) clevelandii       9 cm pot £5.00
Bright pink flowers with maroon centre surrounded by a yellow band.
DCD-1 Primula (Dodecatheon) conjugens       1 litre pot £6.00
Short-stalked magenta flowers with strongly swept-back petals.
DJF-1 Primula (Dodecatheon) jeffreyi       1 litre pot £6.00
Woodland perennial with cyclamen-like flowers in magenta, pink or white.
DJP-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) jeffreyi subsp. pygmaeum       9 cm pot £5.00
Small form of this woodlander with reflexed-petal flowers, bright pink.
DMJ-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) meadia AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Pink flowers with white and yellow centres.
DMA-1 Primula (Dodecatheon) meadia f. album AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
White-flowered form of a shooting star, with strongly reflexed petals.
DPC-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) pauciflora AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Deep pink flowers with maroon, white and yellow centres.
DPI-9 Primula (Dodecatheon) pauciflora alba       9 cm pot £5.00
White flowers.
PAB-9 Primula allionii 'Apple Blossom'       9 cm pot £4.00
Sugar pink flowers, shading to white at the centre.
PAT-9 Primula allionii 'Gilderdale Glow'   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Purple-tinged pink flowers with white eyes.
PAU-9 Primula allionii 'Grandiflora'       9 cm pot £4.00
Very large, mid pink flowers.
PAM-9 Primula allionii 'Peggy Wilson'       9 cm pot £4.00
Large, showy, pink flowers.
P43-9 Primula allionii x pubescens 'Lilac Fairy'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dome of neat foliage covered with a mass of pink-purple flowers.
PRJ-9 Primula allionii 'Raymond Wooster'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rich pink flowers with white eyes.
PA5-1 Primula alpicola AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Heads of hanging flowers in mixed colours. In Sikkimensis section.
PAL-1 Primula alpicola var. alpicola       1 litre pot £6.00
Heads of hanging, pale yellow flowers.
PAK-1 Primula alpicola 'Kevock Sky'       1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely form with large, pale mauve-purple flowers.
PAV-1 Primula alpicola var. violacea       1 litre pot £6.00
Heads of hanging, purple flowers. In Sikkimensis section.
PAG-9 Primula angustifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Narrow, pointed basal leaves and short-stemmed, pale pink flowers.
B3K-1 Primula x anisodoxa 'Kevock Surprise'       1 litre pot £6.00
Our own hybrid, with yellow-eyed salmon flowers and deep red buds.
PYR-9 Primula apoclita     F 9 cm pot £6.00
Dense heads of deep purple flowers on farina-covered stems.
PAE-1 Primula aurantiaca   PC   1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with several whorls of orange flowers, red in bud.
P6B-1 Primula auricula subsp. bauhinii       1 litre pot £6.00
Yellow, white-eyed flowers over particularly mealy foliage.
PUT-9 Primula auricula subsp. ciliolata       9 cm pot £4.00
Very mealy leaves with notched edges and yellow flowers with a white eye.
PYT-1 Primula auricula hybrids       1 litre pot £6.00
A mixture of plants from seed, so flowers of almost any colour or form.
P2K-9 Primula auricula 'Karen Cordrey'       9 cm pot £4.00
Show auricula with green flowers streaked with white and black.
PYQ-9 Primula auricula 'Polly'       9 cm pot £4.00
Show auricula with green-edged flowers.
P7R-1 Primula auricula 'Redstart'       1 litre pot £6.00
A fancy show auricula with a red body and mealy grey edge.
PAN-9 Primula auricula AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Yellow or varied colour, white or yellow-eyed flowers over mealy foliage.
PYS-1 Primula auricula special seedlings       1 litre pot £6.00
Flowers in a wide range of colours above rosettes of green leaves.
PX9-9 Primula auricula 'Spring Meadows'       9 cm pot £4.00
An outer ring of green outside yellow, a large white ring and a yellow centre.
P35-9 Primula auricula 'The Baron'       9 cm pot £4.00
Single-flowered variety with primrose-yellow petals and a white eye.
PAH-9 Primula auriculata       9 cm pot £4.00
Spherical umbels of rich reddish purple or paler flowers; from the Caucasus.
PBP-1 Primula beesiana AGM PC F 1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra primula with light reddish purple flowers with a yellow eye.
P73-1 Primula beesiana AGM   F 1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with whorls of orange-yellow flowers.
PBB-9 Primula bellidifolia   AM   9 cm pot £5.00
Tight clusters of pale violet flowers.
PSQ-1 Primula biserrata     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Rare candelabra type with flowers yellow with white stripes and orange centres.
B2J-9 Primula boothii subsp. repens       9 cm pot £5.00
Wide rosettes with large clusters of rich pink flowers; petiolares section.
P7E-9 Primula brevicula     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Narrow, strap-like leaves and one or two whorls of bright pink flowers.
B3J-9 Primula bullata var. bullata     F 9 cm pot £10.00
Lots of bright yellow flowers on farina-covered stems.
B3G-9 Primula bullata var. forrestii robust form     F 9 cm pot £6.00
Very vigorous form of forrestii, with tall stems with many vivid yellow flowers.
BFI-1 Primula bullata var. forrestii   FCC F 1 litre pot £6.00
Very bright yellow flowers with an even brighter centre.
PBR-1 Primula x bulleesiana     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Red-pink flowers with a yellow eye.
PBL-1 Primula bulleyana AGM   F 1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with whorls of orange-yellow flowers.
PBY-9 Primula burmanica     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Candelabra type, with whorls of deep red flowers.
PJ6-9 Primula calderiana purple-flowered       9 cm pot £6.00
Petiolares section. Clusters of dark purple flowers.
P4W-1 Primula calderiana subsp. strumosa       1 litre pot £8.00
Petiolares section. Clusters of primrose yellow flowers on short stems.
PGB-9 Primula capitata   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Compact heads of rich purple flowers.
P5C-9 Primula capitata subsp. mooreana       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosettes of serrated leaves and tight heads of purple flowers.
PYD-9 Primula carniolica       9 cm pot £5.00
Clusters of red-violet flowers with a white eye.
PEC-1 Primula chionantha AGM   F 1 litre pot £6.00
Robust plant in with several whorls of white or purple flowers.
PCH-1 Primula chionantha subsp. chionantha     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Robust plant in Crystallophlomis section, with several whorls of white flowers.
P7B-1 Primula chionantha subsp. sinopurpurea     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Whorls of rich purple flowers above tufts of farina-coated strappy leaves.
PCQ-1 Primula chungensis     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with orange buds and yellow flowers.
PN3-9 Primula chungensis vermilion form     F 9 cm pot £5.00
Candelabra type with brilliant orange flowers.
PAP-9 Primula 'Clarence Elliott' AGM AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Large, mid purple flowers.
PCY-9 Primula cockburniana 'Kevock Sunshine'   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Unusual yellow-flowered form of small candelabra type.
PCT-9 Primula concholoba     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Muscarioides section. Almost globular head of pale blue/purple flowers.
PCU-9 Primula cortusoides       9 cm pot £4.00
Loose umbels of bright rose-pink flowers over hairy leaves.
PVN-9 Primula crystallophlomis sect.     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Slender leaves and whorls of purple flowers; probably sinoplantaginea.
PC4-9 Primula cuneifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Flat rosettes of toothed leaves and short stems with rose pink flowers.
PTW-9 Primula cuneifolia subsp. heterodonta       9 cm pot £6.00
Flat rosettes of toothed leaves and short stems with rose pink flowers.
PDJ-9 Primula darialica       9 cm pot £4.00
Gently nodding, bright pink flowers on slender stalks.
PDN-1 Primula denticulata AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
The drumstick Primula; spherical heads of pink-purple flowers.
PEE-9 Primula elatior AGM AM   9 cm pot £3.00
The oxlip; upright stems with clusters of pale yellow flowers.
PES-9 Primula elatior 'Magnifica'       9 cm pot £4.00
Very good form of the oxlip; upright stems with clusters of pale yellow flowers.
BFL-9 Primula farinosa var. denudata       9 cm pot £5.00
Yellow-eyed, pink, tubular flowers in compact umbels, no farina on the leaves.
BFK-9 Primula cf. farinosa       9 cm pot £5.00
Yellow-eyed, pink, farinose, tubular flowers in compact umbels.
BFC-9 Primula flaccida       9 cm pot £6.00
Dense spikes of very large, nodding, pale purple, wonderfully scented flowers.
PFI-1 Primula florindae AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
One or two large umbels of scented, pale yellow or orange flowers.
PFR-1 Primula florindae red-flowered       1 litre pot £6.00
One or two large umbels of scented, red flowers.
PXF-9 Primula x forsteri 'Dianne'       9 cm pot £4.00
Jagged-ended leaves in tight rosettes, flowers rosy pink with white eye.
PVG-9 Primula 'Gigha'       9 cm pot £4.00
Pure white flowered form of the primrose.
PGW-9 Primula graminifolia     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Narrow, strap-like leaves and whorl with a few pale purple-pink flowers.
PGR-9 Primula grandis       9 cm pot £4.00
Yellow, tube-shaped, mealy flowers. (Also known as Sredinskya grandis.)
PHH-9 Primula halleri   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Bright lilac-pink long-tubed flowers.
BHM-9 Primula handeliana x maximowiczii       9 cm pot £8.00
Whorls of apricot orange flowers with reflexed petals.
PAZ-9 Primula 'Hemswell Blush'       9 cm pot £4.00
Pink flowers with yellow eyes.
BDF-9 Primula henrici   AM   9 cm pot £8.00
Low dome of narrow leaves, with many pink flowers; rare.
BGL-1 Primula heucherifolia       1 litre pot £6.00
Pretty flared rose-purple flowers above dark green kidney-shaped leaves.
PHA-9 Primula hirsuta       9 cm pot £4.00
Sticky, fleshy leaves and bright pink, white-eyed flowers in small clusters.
PHR-9 Primula hirsuta red-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Form with red flowers with white eyes.
PID-9 Primula incana       9 cm pot £4.00
The American 'silvery primrose'; white flowers on tall stems.
PIB-9 Primula integrifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Small rosettes, pink flowers with deeply notched petals.
PIC-1 Primula 'Inverewe' AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Candelabra type with bright orange flowers.
PJA-1 Primula japonica 'Apple Blossom'   AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with pink flowers.
PJC-1 Primula japonica 'Carminea'       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with deep, carmine red flowers.
PJQ-9 Primula japonica 'Fuji'       9 cm pot £4.00
Candelabra type with white flowers with yellow eyes.
PJG-1 Primula japonica 'Glowing Embers'       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with rich mauve/pink flowers.
PJM-1 Primula japonica 'Miller's Crimson' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with deep red flowers.
PJO-1 Primula japonica 'Oriental Sunrise'       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with flowers of a warm, deep red colour.
PJP-1 Primula japonica 'Postford White' AGM AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with white flowers with yellow eyes.
PJV-1 Primula japonica 'Valley Red'       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with scarlet flowers with an orange eye.
PJN-1 Primula japonica violet       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type, grown from seed from plants with violet flowers.
PJB-9 Primula jesoana var. pubescens       9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of pink flowers over hairy-stemmed round, lobed leaves.
PJD-9 Primula 'Johanna'   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Lots of pale pink flowers, fading to white and then a yellow eye at the centre.
PJE-9 Primula juliae       9 cm pot £3.00
Bright purply pink flowers over mats of bright green leaves.
PKE-9 Primula ex 'Kath Dryden'       9 cm pot £4.00
Seedlings from magnificent plant with large, yellow flowers.
PKK-9 Primula kewensis AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Toothed, farina-covered leaves and whorls of fragrant yellow flowers.
PKA-1 Primula kisoana       1 litre pot £6.00
Tubular pink-purple flowers in umbels.
PLG-9 Primula 'Lady Greer' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Small clusters of fringed, pale yellow flowers in a hanging head.
PLE-9 Primula latifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of bright reddish purple flowers, fragrant.
PLL-9 Primula laurentiana       9 cm pot £4.00
Pale pink flowers with a yellow eye and notched petals.
BLH-9 Primula lilacina       9 cm pot £5.00
Beautiful small primula with scented lilac flowers.
PM4-9 Primula 'Lismore Bay'       9 cm pot £4.00
Compact dome with lilac-coloured flowers over attractive foliage.
PLA-9 Primula longipes       9 cm pot £5.00
Long mealy leaves and umbels of scented, purple-pink flowers with a white eye.
BLE-9 Primula lutea       9 cm pot £5.00
Once included in P. auricula, now a species; yellow flowers, no white eye.
PLB-1 Primula luteola   PC   1 litre pot £8.00
Caucasian species with dense heads of sulfur yellow flowers.
BMW-9 Primula mairei       9 cm pot £6.00
Muscarioides primula with dense spikes of purple flowers.
B2M-1 Primula melanantha 'Moonshine'       1 litre pot £10.00
Selected clone of the black primula, really dark flowers with white stems.
PJ9-9 Primula minor     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Long, very narrow leaves and long, thin seed capsules.
PMJ-9 Primula miyabeana       9 cm pot £4.00
Candelabra type from Taiwan with whorls of bright, deep pink flowers.
PMF-9 Primula modesta var. fauriae       9 cm pot £4.00
Variety with white flowers (or pink), rather smaller than other varieties.
PMS-9 Primula modesta var. samanimontana       9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of pale pink or white flowers over neat rosettes of leaves.
PIV-9 Primula munroi     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Pendant white or pink-purple flowers with yellow eyes. Beautifully scented.
PIK-9 Primula munroi subsp. munroi     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of white flowers on relatively tall, slender stems.
B24-9 Primula munroi subsp. munroi white-flowered     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Heads of white flowers on relatively tall, slender stems.
PMN-1 Primula munroi subsp. yargongensis     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Small spoon-shaped leaves; loose umbel of pink-purple flowers.
PVY-9 Primula muscarioides sect.       9 cm pot £4.00
Tall, robust plant with dense clusters of purple flowers.
PO5-1 Primula obconica var. werringtonensis       1 litre pot £7.00
Hairy stems and rounded leaves; umbel of soft pink flowers.
PO4-9 Primula obconica var. werringtonensis       9 cm pot £6.00
Hairy stems and rounded leaves; umbel of soft pink flowers.
POP-1 Primula 'Old Port'       1 litre pot £6.00
Rather like a primrose, but the flowers are port wine red.
BOP-1 Primula 'Orange Flame'       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with bright orange flowers, fertile.
POD-9 Primula orbicularis       9 cm pot £4.00
Silvery leaves and pale yellow flowers with deeper yellow centres.
BPQ-9 Primula parryi       9 cm pot £4.00
Showy species with many stems of up to 20 bright pink yellow-eyed flowers.
PPR-9 Primula 'Pink Ice'       9 cm pot £4.00
White flowers, shading to pink at the edges.
P6E-1 Primula poissonii     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type, with whorls of bright, deep pink flowers.
PPI-9 Primula polyneura     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Soft, hairy leaves and clusters of bright pink flowers.
P5Z-9 Primula prenantha       9 cm pot £6.00
Tiny candelabra type, with distinctive yellow flowers with dark calyces.
PPL-1 Primula prolifera AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with bright yellow flowers.
PJS-9 Primula x pubescens ex 'Boothman's Variety'       9 cm pot £7.00
Pubescens type with as yet unidentified flower colours.
PFT-9 Primula x pubescens 'Freedom'       9 cm pot £7.00
Clusters of purply pink flowers, without a darker or paler eye.
BP7-9 Primula pulchella     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Loose heads of up to fifteen rich pink, yellow-eyed flowers.
PPN-1 Primula pulverulenta AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with deep purple-red flowers.
P6D-9 Primula pulverulenta Bartley hybrids AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Excellent candelabra type with gorgeous rosy pink flowers.
BRM-9 Primula reidii       9 cm pot £7.00
Umbels of large, nodding, fragrant, white flowers over floury foliage.
PRW-9 Primula reidii var. williamsii   AM   9 cm pot £7.00
Soft, hairy leaves and stems with several hanging, pale blue, scented flowers.
PRQ-9 Primula reticulata     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Umbels of hanging flowers, probably deep red but may be yellow.
PE9-9 Primula cf. reticulata     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Umbels of hanging flowers, probably yellow or white, possibly deep red.
PN7-9 Primula rosea AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Bright pink flowers in early spring, when the emerging leaves are bronze.
PRG-1 Primula rosea 'Grandiflora'   FCC   1 litre pot £6.00
Bright pink flowers in March, while the leaves are barely showing.
PRI-9 Primula rupicola     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Small rosettes and several pink widely open flowers.
PRD-9 Primula rusbyi   FCC   9 cm pot £4.00
Mealy leaves and large, bright red-pink yellow-eyed flowers; American.
PEJ-9 Primula rusbyi subsp. ellisiae       9 cm pot £4.00
Mealy leaves and large, bright red-pink yellow-eyed flowers; American.
PSB-7 Primula scotica   AM   7 cm pot £4.00
Deep red-purple flowers with yellow eyes. Found wild only in Scotland.
PSN-1 Primula secundiflora     F 1 litre pot £5.00
Candelabra section, with whorls of red-pink flowers.
P7O-1 Primula secundiflora     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Whorls of red-pink flowers with distinctive dark/light striped calyces.
PP7-9 Primula cf. septemloba     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Clusters of bright pink, hanging, funnel-shaped flowers.
B3B-1 Primula sharmae       1 litre pot £8.00
Small primula with relatively large, deep blue flowers and a small white eye.
PSR-1 Primula sieboldii AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Distinctive, hairy leaves and clusters of quite large pink or white flowers.
PZS-1 Primula sieboldii 'Snowflake'       1 litre pot £6.00
Clusters of large white flowers in spring; distinctly hairy leaves.
P5G-9 Primula sikkimensis ex red-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Grown from seeds from red-flowered plants.
PK7-9 Primula sikkimensis pink-flowered     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Umbels of hanging, pale pink flowers with a lovely scent.
P28-1 Primula aff. sikkimensis var. pudibunda       1 litre pot £6.00
Umbels of hanging, pale yellow flowers.
PSP-1 Primula sikkimensis var. pudibunda       1 litre pot £6.00
Umbels of hanging, pale yellow flowers.
PX3-1 Primula sikkimensis red-flowered   PC   1 litre pot £7.00
Offspring of a red-flowered sikkimensis, with dark red flowers.
BS4-1 Primula sikkimensis AGM   F 1 litre pot £6.00
Umbels of hanging, pale yellow flowers.
P4T-9 Primula spectabilis   PC   9 cm pot £4.00
Large, rose-pink flowers with white eyes over leathery, glossy leaves.
P26-9 Primula stenocalyx   AM   9 cm pot £6.00
Small rosettes of mealy leaves and umbels of pale pink flowers.
BS5-1 Primula stenodonta       1 litre pot £9.00
Like poissonii; whorls of larger, bright deep pink flowers on arching pedicels.
PI4-9 Primula tangutica x maximowiczii       9 cm pot £8.00
Hybrid of species with dark red and bright red flowers.
BTT-9 Primula 'Tatyana'       9 cm pot £3.00
Magnificent primrose hybrid with brilliant pink flowers with white petal stripe.
PVI-9 Primula x venusta       9 cm pot £4.00
Natural hybrid of P. auricula and carniolica with bright pink flowers.
PVA-1 Primula veris AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
The cowslip. Rich yellow flowers with pale green calyces and stems.
BVG-9 Primula vialii AGM   F 9 cm pot £4.00
Red-hot poker flowers, with many bright red buds opening to pale violet.
PV2-9 Primula villosa       9 cm pot £5.00
European species with magenta flowers with a white eye.
PVB-9 Primula vulgaris AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
The well-known primrose - pale yellow flowers with orange centres.
PWG-1 Primula waltonii       1 litre pot £6.00
Heads of hanging flowers ranging in colour through yellows, pinks and purples.
BWH-1 Primula waltonii hybrids       1 litre pot £6.00
Scented, hanging flowers in red, yellow, pink, orange and purple colours.
BWB-9 Primula 'Wanda' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Bright purply pink flowers over mats of bright green leaves.
PWC-9 Primula warshenewskiana   AM   9 cm pot £4.00
Flat mats with stemless bright pink flowers.
PMP-9 Primula watsonii     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Very dark purple flowers in dense heads.
PUI-9 Primula watsonii maroon     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Dark maroon grape-hyacinth-like flowers on mealy stems.
P2L-9 Primula 'Wharfedale Ling'       9 cm pot £4.00
An allionii hybrid with large pink flowers.
PWA-1 Primula wilsonii var. anisodora       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with rich maroon, yellow-eyed flowers.
BP8-1 Primula wilsonii     F 1 litre pot £6.00
Late-flowering candelabra type, with whorls of bright, deep pink flowers.
PWW-1 Primula wilsonii var. wilsonii       1 litre pot £6.00
Candelabra type with very deep pink, yellow-eyed flowers.
PWD-9 Primula wulfeniana       9 cm pot £4.00
Reddish pink flowers with white eyes and rosettes of shiny leaves.
P4B-9 Primula yuparensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Head of quite large flowers, bright pink.
PZC-9 Primula zambalensis     F 9 cm pot £5.00
Mat of small leaves with relatively tall stem and large pink flowers.
DST-9 Prosartes (Disporum) smithii       9 cm pot £4.00
Foliage plant; mounds of fresh green leaves, hanging white bell-shaped flowers.
QCU-2 Prostanthera cuneata AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Aromatic foliage and many small white flowers.
QAQ-2 Pulmonaria angustifolia AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Bright blue flowers in early spring.
QLF-2 Pulmonaria longifolia       2 litre pot £8.00
Lungwort with long slender white-spotted leaves and blue-violet flowers.
QOJ-2 Pulmonaria 'Ocupol'       2 litre pot £8.00
Luminous light blue flowers above mottled leaves.
QR7-2 Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash'       2 litre pot £8.00
Pink flowers over pointed mottled leaves.
Q2W-2 Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
White flowers over hairy leaves, spotted with white.
QTQ-2 Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'       2 litre pot £8.00
Lovely silver-white spotted leaves; bright blue flowers.
QV5-2 Pulmonaria 'Victorian Brooch'       2 litre pot £8.00
Long-lasting, bright magenta flowers.
XA5-9 Pulsatilla alpina subsp. apiifolia       9 cm pot £5.00
Lovely form with lemon yellow flowers.
QAK-9 Pulsatilla ambigua       9 cm pot £4.00
Unusual compact species with divided foliage, bearing hairy purple flowers.
QA9-9 Pulsatilla aurea       9 cm pot £5.00
Large, downy, golden-yellow flowers.
Q2X-9 Pulsatilla campanella       9 cm pot £5.00
Finely cut leaves with silvery hairs and deep purple bell-shaped flowers.
QRW-9 Pulsatilla rubra       9 cm pot £4.00
Scarlet flowers and yellow stamens.
Q8P-9 Pulsatilla serotina       9 cm pot £4.00
Violet-purple flowers with bright yellow centres.
QVD-1 Pulsatilla vulgaris AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Pasque flower; pale purple flowers, yellow stamens and pale purple stigma.
Q9H-1 Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
White flowered form of the pasque flower; soft foliage and large flowers.
XVP-9 Pulsatilla vulgaris pink-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
Pasque flower with soft pink flowers, yellow stamens and a pink stigma.
QVR-1 Pulsatilla vulgaris red form       1 litre pot £6.00
Scarlet flowers matching the stigma, contrasting with bright yellow stamens.
Code Q Size Price
XX7-1 Quercus coccifera       1 litre pot £7.00
Dwarf shrub oak with evergreen, holly-like leaves, reminiscent of a Berberis.
QRK-1 Quercus rubra AGM     1 litre pot £7.00
An oak tree with magnificent red autumnal colouring.
Code R Size Price
55H-5B Ranunculus asiaticus white-flowered       5 bulbs £4.00
Selection with white flowers.
RAO-9 Raoulia australis       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat of tiny, bright silver leaves, with clusters of tiny, yellow flowers.
RCL-2 Reineckia carnea     F 2 litre pot £8.00
Grape hyacinth-like flowers, pinky-red buds opening to white stars.
R47-9 Rheum SDR5919       9 cm pot £5.00
A dwarf rhubarb with sprays of pink flowers, leaves turning red in autumn.
RXJ-1 Rhodiola CC15       1 litre pot £6.00
Slender, short branches with many fleshy leaves.
SDP-1 Rhodiola pachyclados       1 litre pot £5.00
Dense hummocks of neat rosettes of glaucous, bue-grey leaves.
R9V-1 Rhodiola rosea       1 litre pot £6.00
Grey-green fleshy leaves, with stems topped with clusters of yellow flowers.
R2M-1 Rhodiola SDR5015       1 litre pot £5.00
Short branches with many fleshy leaves, red, orange or yellow flowers.
RS7-1 Rhodiola semenovii       1 litre pot £6.00
Clumps of leafy stems and heads packed with small pink-red flowers.
R82-2 Rhododendron arboreum subsp. cinnamomeum var. roseum       2 litre pot £12.00
Distinctive cinnamon red indumentum under the large leathery leaves.
R8Z-2 Rhododendron arboreum       2 litre pot £12.00
Red flowers and cinnamon red indumentum under the leathery leaves.
RBY-2 Rhododendron 'Blue Tit Group'     F 2 litre pot £9.00
Compact shrub with lavender blue flowers.
R5B-3 Rhododendron bureavioides     F 3 litre pot £25.00
Excellent foliage plant with rusty brown indumentum.
R85-2 Rhododendron campanulatum     F 2 litre pot £12.00
Wonderful foliage with thick indumentum; flowers white, pale rose or lilac.
R2F-2 Rhododendron ex canescens x atlanticum 'Confetti Creeper'       2 litre pot £12.00
Seedlings from a strap-petalled hybrid of R. canescens and R. atlanticum.
RCO-2 Rhododendron Choptank River hybrid       2 litre pot £12.00
Cross between yellow and orange-flowered deciduous azaleas.
R64-2 Rhododendron clementinae subsp. aureodorsale     F 2 litre pot £15.00
Taliensia sub-section; creamy indumentum, white flowers flushed rose.
RDS-2 Rhododendron 'Dora Amateis'       2 litre pot £9.00
Dwarf shrub with clusters of white flowers marked with pink.
REI-2 Rhododendron falconeri subsp. eximium       2 litre pot £15.00
Creamy pink flowers and large leaves with rusty brown indumentum.
RZM-1 Rhododendron fastigiatum     F 1 litre pot £8.00
Neat, dwarf species with blue-green leaves and purple flowers.
RT4-5 Rhododendron heliolepis subsp. fumidum     F 5 litre pot £20.00
Upright shrub with masses of purplish pink flowers.
RP7-5 Rhododendron hemitrichotum     F 5 litre pot £25.00
Trusses of white, open funnel-shaped flowers; excellent foliage.
RHW-3 Rhododendron hippophaeoides     F 3 litre pot £12.00
Larger member of Lapponica sub-section with trusses of pale purple flowers.
RIM-2 Rhododendron impeditum     F 2 litre pot £9.00
Neat, dwarf species with blue-green leaves and purple flowers.
RMW-2 Rhododendron macabeanum AGM   F 2 litre pot £15.00
Large leaves with woolly pale fawn indumentum; huge trusses of creamy flowers.
R8L-4 Rhododendron magnificum hybrids       4 litre pot £18.00
Large pale green leaves and large trusses of pink flowers; truly magnificent!
RMS-1 Rhododendron maximum       1 litre pot £8.00
Large evergreen species with big trusses of white to purple-pink flowers.
RMI-1 Rhododendron minus       1 litre pot £8.00
Medium shrub with dense trusses of white to pink flowers.
RPP-3 Rhododendron nivale subsp. nivale     F 3 litre pot £25.00
Tiny leaves and bright purple flowers.
ROE-4 Rhododendron oreotrephes AGM   F 4 litre pot £20.00
Masses of pale purple flowers and lovely glaucous foliage.
RP5-2 Rhododendron periclymenoides ex double flowered form       2 litre pot £12.00
A fine azalea with superb pink flowers.
R7G-2 Rhododendron cf. phaeochrysum var. agglutinatum     F 2 litre pot £12.00
Trusses of pale pink to white flowers; leaves with densely packed indumentum.
RHT-2 Rhododendron 'Ptarmigan'       2 litre pot £10.00
Dwarf form with clear white flowers.
R8V-2 Rhododendron cf. pumilum     F 2 litre pot £12.00
Dwarf species with lots of pinkish purple flowers in groups of 1 to 3.
RS6-3 Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' AGM     3 litre pot £12.00
Trusses of deep, cardinal-red funnel-shaped flowers.
RS9-2 Rhododendron 'Shamrock' AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Dwarf shrub with large clusters of yellow flowers.
R3T-2 Rhododendron sinogrande AGM     2 litre pot £12.00
Superb species with the largest of leaves and trusses of pale yellow flowers.
R2I-5 Rhododendron traillianum     F 5 litre pot £25.00
Trusses of white, open funnel-shaped flowers; excellent foliage.
RTY-3 Rhododendron trichocladum     F 3 litre pot £30.00
Rounded somewhat lax shrub with clusters of pale yellow flowers.
RLK-3 Rhododendron uvariifolium       3 litre pot £20.00
Dark leaves with pale indumentum below, large trusses of pink flowers.
R5U-2 Rhododendron wallichii       2 litre pot £12.00
Attractive lavender mauve flowers with dark green leaves.
RDH-5 Rhododendron wardii x vernicosum     F 5 litre pot £25.00
Large clusters of fragrant, white flowers and lovely smooth foliage.
RWB-2 Rhododendron 'Wren'       2 litre pot £9.00
Pale yellow flowers and small, shiny, dark green leaves; compact habit.
RMO-1B Rhodohypoxis milloides       1 bulb £3.00
Tufts of grassy leaves with a succession of bright pink starry flowers.
RM5-1B Rhodohypoxis 'Venetia'       1 bulb £3.00
Succession of bright deep pink starry flowers; very vigorous.
RAH-2 Rodgersia aesculifolia AGM     2 litre pot £9.00
Fluffy panicles of masses of tiny, starry, white or pink flowers.
R8C-2 Rodgersia pinnata 'Chocolate Wing'       2 litre pot £10.00
Chocolate-bronze leaves, becoming dark green, and a froth of pink flowers.
R6J-2 Rodgersia pinnata 'Elegans'       2 litre pot £9.00
Bold, pinnate coppery leaves and elegant spikes of soft pink to creamy flowers.
R53-2 Rodgersia pinnata 'Maurice Mason'       2 litre pot £9.00
Bristly, pinnate leaves and a froth of pink or white flowers.
RPV-2 Rodgersia pinnata 'Superba' AGM   F 2 litre pot £9.00
Woodland plant with bristly pinnate leaves and a froth of pink or white flowers.
RPO-2 Rodgersia podophylla     F 2 litre pot £9.00
Large leaves, bronze in spring, dark green in summer, red in autumn.
RMY-3 Rosa moyesii       3 litre pot £12.00
Striking rose, both for its crimson flowers and its large crimson hips.
RR5-5 Rosa SDR4224       5 litre pot £15.00
Unidentified scrambling rose with white flowers
R5L-3 Rosa SDR6152       3 litre pot £10.00
Shrubby rose with distinctive flask-shaped hips.
RST-1 Roscoea cautleyoides f. sinopurpurea       1 litre pot £6.00
Narrow leaves and purple hooded, orchid-like flowers.
RTD-1 Roscoea tibetica     F 1 litre pot £6.00
The smallest species, with pink flowers.
R72-1 Rubus calycinoides       1 litre pot £6.00
White flowers followed by orange raspberry fruit and rich autumn leaf colour.
R4Z-2 Rubus cockburnianus       2 litre pot £8.00
Deciduous shrub with arching shoots with a brilliant white bloom.
RNW-9 Rubus nepalensis       9 cm pot £4.00
Himalayan creeping bramble; nodding white flowers and tasty red fruit.
RR3-2 Rubus SDR4635       2 litre pot £9.00
A raspberry plant the size of a strawberry plant; delicious ground cover.
RTL-2 Rubus tricolor       2 litre pot £7.00
The Chinese bramble; trailing red stems with glossy green leaves.
RFJ-2 Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Excellent form of 'black-eyed Susan'; large yellow daisies with black centres.
Code S Size Price
SB3-1 Salix 'Boydii' AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Dwarf slow-growing alpine willow with silvery grey catkins.
ZCL-4 Salix caprea x lapponum       4 litre pot £12.00
Dwarf willow with grey-green leaves covered in fine hairs, and silvery catkins.
S84-3 Salix 'Coire Kander'       3 litre pot £10.00
Lovely dwarf willow with softly hairy grey-green leaves and silvery catkins.
SFI-1 Salix fragilis var. furcata   AM   1 litre pot £6.00
Prostrate, layering stems with dark green leaves and loads of red catkins.
SHV-3 Salix hastata 'Wehrhahnii' AGM     3 litre pot £10.00
Slow growing, upright shrub with bright green leaves and silky grey catkins.
SLT-3 Salix lanata AGM     3 litre pot £9.00
Woolly shoots, silver-grey leaves and yellow catkins.
SL5-2 Salix lapponum compact       2 litre pot £8.00
Dwarf willow with grey-green leaves and silvery catkins.
SNV-5 Salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina       5 litre pot £15.00
Prostrate form with large rounded green leaves and silvery catkins.
ZSB-2 Salix serpyllifolia       2 litre pot £9.00
Woody creeping stems with tiny, dark green leaves and yellow catkins.
S2J-1 Salvia daghestanica       1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes of purple sage flowers over a mound of hairy, silvery leaves.
SFP-9 Salvia forsskaolii       9 cm pot £4.00
Long spires of violet blue flowers, streaked with white.
SC8-1 Sanguinaria canadensis       1 litre pot £7.00
'Bloodroot'. White flowers followed by fleshy grey-green leaves.
S2D-1 Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex 'Plena' AGM     1 litre pot £8.00
Multi-petalled white flowers followed by grey-green leaves; 'bloodroot'.
SH3-2 Sanguisorba hakusanensis       2 litre pot £8.00
Elegant perennial with rose-pink bottlebrush flowers and scalloped leaves.
Q4B-2 Sanguisorba officinalis       2 litre pot £8.00
Herbaceous species with pinnate leaves and spikes of red/pink flowers.
S35-1 Sarcococca confusa AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Fills the winter air with scent from tiny flowers, hidden in glossy leaves.
SW5-2 Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna       2 litre pot £8.00
Fills the winter air with scent from tiny flowers, hidden in glossy leaves.
SAD-9 Saxifraga aizoides       9 cm pot £4.00
Abundant, starry orange-yellow flowers dotted red at the base.
ZAU-7 Saxifraga 'Allendale Charm'       7 cm pot £5.00
Neat, tight cushions with stemless pink buds opening to white flowers.
SNZ-1 Saxifraga 'Anneka Hope'       1 litre pot £10.00
Outstanding silver saxifrage, with huge red-stemmed sprays of white flowers.
SUV-9 Saxifraga 'Aureopunctata'       9 cm pot £3.00
Variegated rosettes and stems with sprays of white flowers.
SK2-7 Saxifraga callosa AGM     7 cm pot £4.00
Narrow, lime-encrusted leaves and long, arching stems with many white flowers.
SUE-7 Saxifraga 'Clarence Elliott' AGM     7 cm pot £3.00
Compact form of London Pride. Mist of small, pale pink flowers.
ZCM-7 Saxifraga cochlearis 'Major'       7 cm pot £4.00
Compact silvery cushion and sprays of white flowers on reddish brown stems.
S6M-9 Saxifraga cochlearis 'Minor' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Silvery cushion and sprays of white flowers with red markings on red stems.
ZCQ-9 Saxifraga cotyledon 'Pyramidalis'       9 cm pot £4.00
Long, arching sprays of many white flowers.
SXD-9 Saxifraga 'Doctor Clay'       9 cm pot £4.00
Intensely silver-grey rosettes with white starry flowers.
SFG-7 Saxifraga federici-augustii subsp. grisebachii AGM     7 cm pot £4.00
Grey-green rosettes with lime-marked leaves.
SFH-1 Saxifraga fortunei 'Hiten'       1 litre pot £6.00
Fleshy reddish leaves and huge sprays of pink flowers.
SFW-1 Saxifraga fortunei 'Wada'       1 litre pot £6.00
Fleshy reddish leaves and huge sprays of starry white flowers.
SFK-1 Saxifraga 'Freckles'       1 litre pot £6.00
Rosettes of grey-green leaves and white flowers speckled with dark red spots.
SCL-1 Saxifraga x gaudinii 'Canis-dalmatica'       1 litre pot £6.00
Narrow, lime-encrusted leaves and stems with many white, red-spotted flowers.
SHB-1 Saxifraga hostii       1 litre pot £6.00
Rosettes with long, recurving leaves; lots of creamy white flowers.
SLK-9 Saxifraga 'Kath's Delight'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosette of lime-encrusted leaves and arching stems with white flowers.
SN3-1 Saxifraga 'Lantoscana'       1 litre pot £6.00
Narrow, lime-encrusted leaves and long, arching stems with many white flowers.
SLQ-1 Saxifraga 'Lissadell'       1 litre pot £6.00
Selected form of this delightful silver saxifrage with pure white flowers.
SLL-9 Saxifraga longifolia       9 cm pot £5.00
Rosette with long, slender leaves, then spectacular long flowering stem.
SLH-9 Saxifraga longifolia hybrids       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosette with long, slender leaves, increasing yearly until arching stem flowers.
SWM-1 Saxifraga 'Monarch' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Large silver rosettes with narrow leaves, and arching sprays of white flowers.
SMX-9 Saxifraga mutata       9 cm pot £5.00
Numerous coppery-orange flowers in loose panicles.
SNN-1 Saxifraga 'Nicholas'   FCC   1 litre pot £10.00
Absolutely outstanding silver saxifrage, with many huge sprays of white flowers.
SKE-9 Saxifraga paniculata subsp. cartilaginea       9 cm pot £4.00
A silver saxifrage with pure white flowers.
SXP-9 Saxifraga paniculata ex Austria       9 cm pot £4.00
Selection with rounded, lime-edged leaves; red stems with white flowers.
SGV-1 Saxifraga paniculata hybrid coll. Gorge du Verdon       1 litre pot £6.00
Extremely vigorous; lots of large rosettes with long leaves, white flowers.
SKI-9 Saxifraga 'Pearly King'       9 cm pot £3.00
Abundant white flowers; bright green foliage.
ZPU-9 Saxifraga 'Pixie'       9 cm pot £3.00
White to pale pink flowers over fresh green foliage.
SPO-9 Saxifraga porophylla       9 cm pot £4.00
Pinky purple, bell-like flowers over flat rosettes.
SN5-9 Saxifraga 'Rachel'       9 cm pot £6.00
New silver saxifrage; narrow leaves and long, bronze stems with white flowers.
SRS-9 Saxifraga 'Rainsley Seedling'       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosette of spoon-shaped lime-encrusted leaves, plume of white flowers.
SR3-9 Saxifraga 'Rosa Tubbs'       9 cm pot £5.00
Long, arching sprays with many red-spotted flowers.
S9Y-9 Saxifraga SDR5956       9 cm pot £4.00
Unidentified woodland species with round leaves and white flowers.
SSS-1 Saxifraga Southside Seedling Group       1 litre pot £6.00
Broad lime-encrusted leaves and plume of white flowers with red spots.
S3F-9 Saxifraga 'St. John's'       9 cm pot £4.00
Tight silvery-grey cushion and short sprays of white flowers.
SKN-1 Saxifraga 'Starfire'       1 litre pot £6.00
Unusual silver saxifrage with panicles of pink flowers.
SKP-1 Saxifraga 'Starlight'       1 litre pot £6.00
Rosettes of lime-edged leaves and upright stems with masses of white flowers.
S6S-9 Saxifraga 'Sue Tubbs'       9 cm pot £5.00
Lime-encrusted leaves and a great plume of white flowers with red spots.
SVI-9 Saxifraga 'Vreny'       9 cm pot £4.00
Tight cushions of grey-green rosettes with tall heads of white flowers.
SFO-7 Saxifraga 'Wisley' AGM FCC   7 cm pot £4.00
Rosette-forming alpine with silver leaves and bright red flowering stems.
SCH-1 Scabiosa caucasica       1 litre pot £6.00
Dissected, deep green foliage with large lilac-coloured flowers.
SCA-1 Scabiosa columbaria alpina       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf scabious making mats of foliage with short-stemmed, large blue flowers.
SYE-1 Scabiosa drakensbergensis       1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely white-flowered scabious, loved by insects.
SGK-2 Scabiosa graminifolia 'Green Dome'       2 litre pot £8.00
Lilac-pink flowerheads and silver-green grass-like leaves.
SY2-9 Scabiosa graminifolia       9 cm pot £4.00
Lilac-pink flowerheads and silver-green grass-like leaves.
SJD-1 Scabiosa japonica var. alpina       1 litre pot £6.00
Deeply toothed pinnate leaves with blue flowerheads with ray-like outer florets.
SQB-2 Schisandra chinensis       2 litre pot £10.00
White flowers following by clusters of red berries.
SL4-3B Scilla litardierei AGM     3 bulbs £4.00
Beautiful, neat scilla with conical heads of lilac flowers.
S6J-9 Sedum album 'Coral Carpet'       9 cm pot £3.00
Succulent golden foliage and yellow flowers.
S6R-2 Sedum 'Autumn Joy' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Blue-grey rounded leaves with butterfly-attracting heads of pink flowers.
SQK-1 Sedum 'Bertram Anderson' AGM     1 litre pot £6.00
Fleshy, purplish grey leaves and rosy red flowers.
ZDF-9 Sedum divergens       9 cm pot £4.00
Starry yellow flowers above a carpet of succulent leaves.
SEH-9 Sedum ewersii       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosettes of grey-green leaves with stems of pinkish red flowers.
SW7-1 Sedum kamtschaticum var. floriferum 'Weihenstephaner Gold'       1 litre pot £5.00
Succulent green foliage and golden yellow starry flowers.
STM-2 Sedum 'Matrona' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Dark maroon fleshy leaves with flat heads of dark pink flowers.
SOJ-9 Sedum oreganum       9 cm pot £3.00
Golden, starry flowers, evergreen fleshy foliage.
SZ7-7 Sedum pilosum       7 cm pot £4.00
Biennial with rosettes like a sempervivum and masses of bright pink flowers.
SSW-9 Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Glaucous grey leaves becoming purple-red; yellow flowers.
ZSU-1 Sedum spurium       1 litre pot £5.00
Excellent ground-cover plant with a few rose or red flowers.
S6H-9 Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Dark red foliage with heads of deep reddish pink starry flowers.
S3R-9 Sedum spurium 'Ruby Mantle'       9 cm pot £3.00
Dark red and green, mat-forming evergreen perennial with pink starry flowers.
SWV-9 Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'       9 cm pot £4.00
Mat forming ground cover with green, white and red leaves; pink flowers.
SZ8-2 Sedum telephium 'Purple Emperor' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Deepest red - almost black leaves and red flowers; great for butterflies.
SQM-2 Sedum 'Vera Jameson' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Succulent, evergreen leaves darkening to burgundy purple; pink flowers.
SQ8-2 Selinum wallichianum       2 litre pot £9.00
Small alpine umbellifer with feathery foliage and umbels of white flowers.
SUG-1 Semiaquilegia adoxoides       1 litre pot £6.00
Pretty, short aquilegia relative with lovely dusky pink petals.
SJW-9 Semiaquilegia adoxoides double-flowered       9 cm pot £4.00
A mass of dusky pink petals - like some punk hair style!
SD3-1 Semiaquilegia ecalcarata       1 litre pot £6.00
Like an aquilegia with no spurs; dusky pink to deep purplish red flowers.
SAK-9 Sempervivum arachnoideum AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
A wild form, with small, green and red leaved, cobwebbed rosettes.
SU4-9 Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Rubrum'       9 cm pot £3.00
Mat-forming clusters of deep red rosettes, covered by a white cobweb of hairs.
SAT-9 Sempervivum arachnoideum subsp. tomentosum AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Small, green and red leaved, highly cobwebbed rosettes.
SBN-9 Sempervivum 'Black Mini'       9 cm pot £3.00
Bright green foliage with russet outer leaves.
SBK-9 Sempervivum 'Black Mountain'       9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes of succulent green foliage edged with dark red.
SBT-9 Sempervivum 'Blood Tip'       9 cm pot £3.00
Makes huge rosettes, olive green with dark red leaf tips.
S2L-1 Sempervivum calcareum   AM   1 litre pot £5.00
Rosettes are glaucous-green in the centre and fuchsia-pink tipped outside.
SNY-9 Sempervivum 'Cholie'       9 cm pot £3.00
Unusual new variety with rosettes sandy coloured with red leaf tips.
SCB-9 Sempervivum ciliosum var. borisii       9 cm pot £3.00
Very hairy but flourishes unprotected outside. Pale yellow flowers.
S2C-1 Sempervivum 'Commander Hay' AGM AM   1 litre pot £5.00
Deep maroon red for most of the year. Pink flowers.
SEE-9 Sempervivum 'Engle's'       9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes covered in bloom, dusky grey green at centre, rose pink at edge.
SG7-9 Sempervivum guiseppii AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes of lime green succulent leaves with dusky pink tips.
SHR-9 Sempervivum 'Heigham Red'       9 cm pot £3.00
Pointed leaves, green tipped and red in the centre, in compact rosettes.
SHS-9 Sempervivum 'Huggable Helen'       9 cm pot £3.00
An excellent houseleek with dark red leaves edged with contrasting green.
SJU-1 Sempervivum 'Jupiter'       1 litre pot £3.00
Dark red rosettes with green centres.
SKG-1 Sempervivum 'King George'       1 litre pot £5.00
Numerous narrow, glossy, deep red leaves in tight, green-centred rosettes.
SKF-9 Sempervivum 'Kramers Spinrad'       9 cm pot £3.00
Mat-forming rosette with red and green foliage.
SU8-9 Sempervivum 'Lord Alan'       9 cm pot £3.00
Unusual houseleek with grey rosettes, each leaf suffused dark red at the base.
SMG-9 Sempervivum 'Mahogany'       9 cm pot £3.00
Yellow-green leaves with mahogany tips and pale pink flowers.
SU9-9 Sempervivum 'Matthew's Day Dream'       9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes of red leaves, green at the tip, the young ones also green at the base.
SWI-9 Sempervivum montanum subsp. carpaticum 'Cmiral's Yellow'       9 cm pot £3.00
Unusual greenish yellow rosettes.
SNQ-9 Sempervivum 'Noir'       9 cm pot £3.00
Glossy, dark red leaves, olive at the centre.
SOD-1 Sempervivum 'Othello' AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Leaves bright red at outer end, otherwise olive green.
SN6-9 Sempervivum 'Rebecca'       9 cm pot £3.00
Rosettes of succulent dark red foliage tipped with light green.
SRM-9 Sempervivum reginae-amaliae       9 cm pot £3.00
Open rosettes of lime-green leaves, tinged red at the tips.
SW9-9 Sempervivum 'Reinhard' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Bright green leaves tipped dark red and clusters of pink flowers; excellent.
S4X-1 Sibbaldia procumbens       1 litre pot £6.00
Tufted alpine with blue-green leaves and saucer-shaped yellow flowers.
SEM-2 Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Spires of large, pale pink flowers over rounded mid green leaves.
SKD-9 Silene davidii       9 cm pot £3.00
Compact cushions with large, rose-pink flowers.
SH2-9 Silene hookeri       9 cm pot £4.00
Lovely tufted alpine with large pale to salmon-pink flowers.
ZST-1 Silene saxifraga       1 litre pot £6.00
Loose cushions of slender leaves and many white flowers on short stems.
SSX-1 Silene schafta AGM     1 litre pot £5.00
Masses of bright pink flowers over a long period.
SZZ-1 Silene zawadskii       1 litre pot £6.00
Tufts of glossy leaves and heads of white flowers.
QH5-2 Sinopodophyllum hexandrum     F 2 litre pot £10.00
Delicate white flowers hang under dramatic, marked green leaves; red fruit.
ZOC-1 Smilacina oleracea       1 litre pot £7.00
Woodland plant with clusters of lots of white flowers with red rims.
SAG-9 Soldanella alpina       9 cm pot £4.00
Funnel-shaped, lavender-blue flowers with red markings on the inside.
SC9-7 Soldanella cyanaster       7 cm pot £4.00
One of the larger species, with the bluest flowers.
SVV-9 Soldanella villosa AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Purple, fringed bells open over mat of round, shiny leaves.
ZAE-4 Sorbus aronioides       4 litre pot £20.00
Chinese whitebeam with white flowers and red fruit in autumn.
ZAR-1 Sorbus aronioides       1 litre pot £8.00
Chinese whitebeam with white flowers and red fruit in autumn.
SFZ-3 Sorbus bulleyana       3 litre pot £15.00
Excellent hupehensis type rowan, with grey-green leaves and rosy fruit.
S77-5 Sorbus carmesina       5 litre pot £20.00
A collection of a fine rowan (was S. hupehensis) with rich pink fruit.
SJ7-3 Sorbus aff. cashmiriana       3 litre pot £15.00
Fluffy corymbs of white or pink flowers followed by large white fruit.
SCE-2 Sorbus cashmiriana       2 litre pot £12.00
Fluffy corymbs of white or pink flowers followed by white berries.
SDY-3 Sorbus discolores sect.       3 litre pot £15.00
Lovely rowan with bright pink fruit and golden autumn foliage.
SE5-4 Sorbus eburnea       4 litre pot £20.00
Rowan with big clusters of white fruit, recently named.
ZEA-5 Sorbus eugenii-kelleri       5 litre pot £25.00
Rare Hungarian whitebeam with clusters of white flowers and red fruit.
SFE-4 Sorbus forrestii AGM   F 4 litre pot £18.00
Cream flowers in spring followed by large white berries in autumn.
SI6-2 Sorbus frutescens AGM     2 litre pot £12.00
Glorious rowan with white fruit and orange to red autumn foliage.
SFF-5 Sorbus fruticosa       5 litre pot £15.00
Suckering small tree or large shrub with lots of white berries.
SHW-5 Sorbus glabriuscula       5 litre pot £20.00
(=S. hupehensis) Rowan with clusters of small white fruit, lasting into winter.
ZGE-5 Sorbus graeca       5 litre pot £20.00
Whitebeam from Greece and Cyprus with clusters of large red fruit.
ZGB-4 Sorbus 'Gresgarth'       4 litre pot £18.00
Rowan from the garden of Arabella Lennox-Boyd, brilliant red in autumn.
SE6-3 Sorbus helenae       3 litre pot £15.00
Small tree with large, pinnate leaves and white fruit in autumn.
SHP-3 Sorbus hughmcallisteri       3 litre pot £15.00
Excellent red foliage with white fruit in autumn.
ZKA-2 Sorbus khumbuensis       2 litre pot £12.00
Rowan with pink fruit turning white as the leaves turn dark red.
SKK-4 Sorbus koehniana       4 litre pot £18.00
Chinese rowan with 20-30 leaflets per leaf, clusters of white fruit.
SIX-2 Sorbus maculata       2 litre pot £12.00
Unusual rowan distinguished by its white fruit with purple spots.
S6T-2 Sorbus matsumurana       2 litre pot £12.00
Japanese tree with yellow autumn colour and lots of bright red fruit.
SIZ-2 Sorbus microphylla agg.       2 litre pot £12.00
Chinese rowan with 20-30 leaflets per leaf, clusters of white fruit.
SXZ-3 Sorbus muliensis     F 3 litre pot £15.00
Vigorous rowan with deep pink-red fruit, collected by George Forrest.
ZOB-1 Sorbus olivacea       1 litre pot £8.00
Excellent rowan with dusky grey pinnate leaves and clusters of rosy pink fruit.
SJ9-2 Sorbus parvifructa       2 litre pot £12.00
Neat, compact rowan with lovely white fruit and orange foliage in autumn.
SPG-1 Sorbus poteriifolia AGM     1 litre pot £8.00
Tiny rowan, white flowers and pale pink fruit.
SJ8-4 Sorbus pseudovilmorinii       4 litre pot £18.00
Rowan with leaves with many leaflets, bright red in autumn, and pink fruit.
SRR-1 Sorbus reducta AGM   F 1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf shrub with berries that start red and then change to pink.
SRQ-3 Sorbus aff. rehderiana       3 litre pot £12.00
Excellent rowan with red autumn foliage and fruit from deep pink to white.
SR5-2 Sorbus rosea       2 litre pot £12.00
Huge rich pink fruit on a Sorbus cashmiriana-like shrub. Fabulous.
SI7-1 Sorbus rubescens       1 litre pot £8.00
New species of rowan with excellent autumn colour.
SE8-4 Sorbus rushforthii       4 litre pot £18.00
Newly described rowan with fresh green, pointed leaflets.
SN9-4 Sorbus sambucifolia       4 litre pot £18.00
Siberian mountain ash with large white flowers and red fruit.
SEV-3 Sorbus SDR7808       3 litre pot £12.00
Rowan with finely divided leaves and red berries, changing to pink, in autumn.
SET-2 Sorbus SDR7963       2 litre pot £10.00
Chinese rowan with about 20 leaflets per leaf and clusters of white fruit.
SIW-4 Sorbus 'Showa'       4 litre pot £20.00
Glorious rowan with bright pink fruit and golden autumn foliage.
ZSC-5 Sorbus simonkaiana       5 litre pot £20.00
Small whitebeam from Hungary with white flowers and red fruit.
SE7-4 Sorbus tenuis       4 litre pot £20.00
Compact rowan with neat, small, pinnate foliage, going bright red in autumn.
SVA-5 Sorbus vilmorinii AGM     5 litre pot £20.00
Rowan with red berries, changing to pink with brilliant red leaves in autumn.
SI3-2 Sorbus cf. vilmorinii       2 litre pot £12.00
Elegant rowan with pink flowers and many small leaflets, bright red in autumn.
SI2-3 Sorbus aff. vilmorinii       3 litre pot £15.00
Rowan with red berries, changing to pink with brilliant red leaves in autumn.
ZCF-4 Spiraea chamaedryfolia       4 litre pot £15.00
Sprays of masses of small white flowers on arching stems.
ZDB-4 Spiraea densiflora       4 litre pot £15.00
Small shrub with dense clusters of fragrant pink flowers.
ZDE-5 Spiraea douglasii       5 litre pot £15.00
Deciduous shrub with conical spires of rosy pink flowers.
SH4-2 Spiraea hayatana       2 litre pot £10.00
Small shrub with heads of masses of flowers with white petals and pink stamens.
ZHA-3 Spiraea henryi       3 litre pot £12.00
Small shrub with masses of small white flowers, leaves turning red in autumn.
ZRD-5 Spiraea rosthornii       5 litre pot £15.00
Deciduous shrub with broad heads packed with white flowers.
ZZP-3 Spiraea schneideriana       3 litre pot £12.00
Unidentified species with masses of tiny leaves, bright yellow in autumn
SB7-2 Stachys balcanica       2 litre pot £8.00
Herbaceous perennial with dark green leaves and white flowers.
SBP-2 Stachys byzantina 'Primrose Heron'       2 litre pot £8.00
Lamb's lugs with yellow-grey foliage and spikes of dark pink, woolly flowers.
SJV-2 Stachys grandiflora superba       2 litre pot £8.00
Hooded purply pink flowers emerge on strong stems from rosettes of hairy leaves.
SM2-2 Stachys macrantha       2 litre pot £8.00
Upright spikes with whorls of violet-purple tubular flowers.
SZ6-1 Stachys monieri white-flowered       1 litre pot £5.00
White-flowered form of the alpine betony; hairy leaf rosettes.
S2Z-1B Sternbergia sicula   AM   1 bulb £5.00
A succession of rapidly-forming yellow crocus-like flowers in September.
SE3-1 Swertia petiolata       1 litre pot £7.00
Gentian relative with bluish-white to almost grey flowers.
SY7-2 Symphytum 'Goldsmith'       2 litre pot £8.00
Comfrey form with dark green leaves, gold and cream markings and blue flowers.
SGR-2 Symphytum grandiflorum       2 litre pot £7.00
Useful ground cover with white flowers opening from pale orange buds.
SIN-2 Symphytum ibericum       2 litre pot £7.00
Ground-cover plant with tubular pale pink, almost white flowers.
ZII-2 Symphytum 'Icy-Ness'       2 litre pot £7.00
Great ground cover from Ness Gardens with icy blue flowers.
Code T Size Price
TDO-1 Tanacetum densum subsp. amani       1 litre pot £5.00
Finely cut, silvery-white, feather-like leaves, with yellow button flowers.
TGF-2 Tellima grandiflora       2 litre pot £7.00
Rosette-forming perennial with spikes of nodding yellow-green flowers.
HGR-9 Tetraneuris grandiflora       9 cm pot £5.00
Large yellow daisy flowers on short stems over tufts of hairy, dissected leaves.
TDJ-2 Thalictrum delavayi AGM   F 2 litre pot £8.00
Masses of violet flowers with numerous yellow stamens; lovely.
TEN-2 Thalictrum 'Elin'       2 litre pot £10.00
Masses of pretty mauve and cream balls of flowers; tall and self-supporting.
TFG-2 Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Tall, vigorous species with dense panicles of pale yellow flowers.
TXA-1 Thalictrum isopyroides       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf species with grey-green leaves and froth of petal-less flowers.
TRB-2 Thalictrum rochebrunianum       2 litre pot £9.00
Delicate foliage with tall spikes of fluffy purple flowers.
TUC-1 Thalictrum uchiyamae       1 litre pot £7.00
Tall stems with lavender-pink flowers over attractive, divided foliage.
THS-9 Thymus 'Hartington Silver'       9 cm pot £3.00
Foliage variegated silver and green, and pale pink flowers.
T29-9 Thymus serpyllum 'Russetings'       9 cm pot £3.00
Mat-forming plant covered with dark pink flowers.
TCS-9 Thymus 'Silver Queen' AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Lemon-scented, silver and cream variegated foliage.
TSL-1 Tiarella 'Spring Symphony'       1 litre pot £6.00
Spikes of pink flowers over streaked foliage.
TAA-9 Townsendia alpigena var. alpigena       9 cm pot £4.00
Daisy-like lavender-mauve flowers with brownish yellow centres.
TMN-9 Townsendia mensana       9 cm pot £4.00
Rosettes of compact, silver-grey foliage, and pale pink daisy flowers.
TP7-9 Townsendia parryi       9 cm pot £4.00
Raised from seed from plants with large white daisy flowers with yellow centres.
TAE-2 Tricyrtis 'Adbane'       2 litre pot £9.00
Stunning, starry, speckled flowers.
TFC-2 Tricyrtis formosana       2 litre pot £9.00
Speckled star-shaped white to purplish pink flowers above glossy foliage.
THV-2 Tricyrtis hirta 'Variegata'       2 litre pot £9.00
Funnel-shaped, purple-spotted white flowers and variegated foliage.
TPR-2 Tricyrtis pilosa       2 litre pot £9.00
Funnel-shaped, dark purple-spotted greenish white flowers with spreading tepals.
TCE-9 Trillium catesbyi   PC   9 cm pot £8.00
Nodding pale pink flowers on short stems, from centre of three leaflets.
TCG-9 Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum AGM FCC   9 cm pot £10.00
Maroon-spotted leaves and deep maroon flowers.
TCW-1 Trillium chloropetalum white-flowered       1 litre pot £12.00
Mottled leaves and white flowers, with a pinky-red centre.
TEA-1 Trillium erectum AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Dark red or white flowers and uniformly green leaves.
TEC-1 Trillium erectum 'Beige'       1 litre pot £10.00
Beige-flowered form; uniformly green leaves.
TEF-1 Trillium erectum x flexipes       1 litre pot £10.00
Deep maroon or white flowers in centre of three green leaflets.
TER-1 Trillium erectum red-flowered       1 litre pot £10.00
Dark red flowers and uniformly green leaves.
TFX-2 Trillium flexipes       2 litre pot £12.00
Cream or white three-petalled flowers in the centre of three leaves.
5EM-1 Trillium govanianum       1 litre pot £10.00
Brown red.
TGG-1 Trillium grandiflorum AGM AM   1 litre pot £10.00
Large, white, three-petalled flowers above the three green leaflets.
TLL-1 Trillium luteum AGM     1 litre pot £10.00
Three-petalled pale yellow, occasionally bronze, flowers above mottled leaves.
TPB-9 Trillium pusillum   PC   9 cm pot £7.00
Elegant plant with white flowers, fading to pale pink on short stems
TRC-1 Trillium recurvatum       1 litre pot £10.00
Deep red, rounded flowers with recurved petals above three mottled leaves.
TSK-1 Trillium sessile       1 litre pot £10.00
Deep red long-petalled flowers at centres of three mottled leaves.
TS5-1 Trillium simile   AM   1 litre pot £12.00
Large white flowers with a dark purple eye.
TSY-1 Trillium sulcatum       1 litre pot £12.00
Dark red-maroon to purple.
TVV-1 Trillium vaseyi       1 litre pot £10.00
Flowers with deep red, recurved petals, scented.
HH3-2 Triosteum himalayanum     F 2 litre pot £9.00
Herbaceous honeysuckle relative with spike of red berries in autumn.
TPP-2 Triosteum pinnatifidum       2 litre pot £9.00
Herbaceous honeysuckle relative with short spike of white berries in autumn.
TAS-2 Trollius asiaticus       2 litre pot £8.00
Asian globeflower, with bronze-green foliage and orange or yellow blooms.
TCI-2 Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' AGM   F 2 litre pot £8.00
A fine selected form with large golden bowl-shaped flowers.
TC6-2 Trollius chinensis orange       2 litre pot £8.00
Bright orange wide-open flowers, for a damp place.
T2Y-2 Trollius x cultorum 'Alabaster'       2 litre pot £9.00
Cream-coloured semi-double bowl-shaped flowers.
T2L-2 Trollius x cultorum 'Lemon Queen'       2 litre pot £9.00
Clump-forming perennial with pale yellow bowl-shaped flowers.
TLE-2 Trollius europaeus 'Lemon Supreme'       2 litre pot £8.00
A compact form of the globeflower with lemon yellow round flowers.
TEQ-2 Trollius europaeus       2 litre pot £8.00
The globe flower; tall stems of spherical bright yellow flowers.
TPU-9 Trollius farreri var. farreri     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Golden yellow flowers flushed red on the outside.
TSF-1 Trollius farreri var. major       1 litre pot £6.00
Dwarf species from wet mountain meadows.
TIA-2 Trollius ircuticus       2 litre pot £8.00
Tall stems of bowl-shaped orange flowers with a ring of stamens.
TMP-2 Trollius macropetalus       2 litre pot £8.00
Gold to orange multi-petalled flowers, open rather than globular.
TRO-1 Trollius ranunculoides       1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely buttercup-like open flowers above ferny foliage. Nice and compact.
TVD-9 Trollius vaginatus       9 cm pot £3.50
Dwarf globeflower with large, buttercup-like yellow flowers.
TYO-9 Trollius yunnanensis orange-flowered     F 9 cm pot £4.00
Bright orange flowers, so widely open that they appear to be flat.
TSS-9 Tropaeolum speciosum AGM     9 cm pot £5.00
Herbaceous climber with scarlet flowers, followed by pairs of dark blue fruit.
TNC-1B Tulbaghia natalensis AGM     1 bulb £3.00
Fragrant flowers with creamy petals and a yellow centre.
Code V Size Price
VHB-2 Vancouveria hexandra       2 litre pot £8.00
Epimedium relative with sprays of dainty white flowers.
VDH-2 Verbascum delphicum       2 litre pot £8.00
Striking, tall mullein with wonderful felted silver leaves and yellow flowers.
VHA-9 Verbena hastata f. rosea       9 cm pot £4.00
Produces a succession of numerous, small, deep pink flowers all summer.
VGL-1 Veronica gentianoides 'Little Blues'       1 litre pot £6.00
This very compact form has light blue flowers.
VPF-9 Veronica prostrata AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Mat-forming speedwell with pale to dark blue flowers.
VPS-9 Veronica prostrata 'Spode Blue' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Blue flower spikes; green foliage.
VSN-9 Veronica schmidtiana 'Nana'       9 cm pot £4.00
Dwarf speedwell with dark blue and white flowers.
VSH-1 Veronica spicata 'Heidekind'       1 litre pot £6.00
Perennial with silvery grey leaves and short spikes of raspberry pink flowers.
VWA-9 Veronica wormskjoldii       9 cm pot £4.00
Stems of opposite pairs of leaves, topped with blue flowers.
VBQ-4 Viburnum betulifolium Group       4 litre pot £15.00
Fine shrub with white flowers followed by hanging clusters of red fruit.
VOC-2 Viburnum opulus 'Compactum' AGM     2 litre pot £8.00
Compact Guelder rose with white, lace-cap flowers and bright red fruits.
VAB-9 Viola 'Avril Lawson'       9 cm pot £4.00
Vigorous violet with lots of deep blue-purple flowers with yellow markings.
VBJ-9 Viola 'Broughton Blue' AGM     9 cm pot £4.00
Vigorous violet with lots of blue-purple flowers.
VBG-9 Viola bubanii       9 cm pot £4.00
Deep purple flowers. From the Pyrenees.
VCB-9 Viola cornuta AGM     9 cm pot £3.00
Form with soft mauve-blue flowers.
VDI-9 Viola 'Desdemona'       9 cm pot £4.00
Vigorous viola with small purple-blue and white flowers.
VRR-9 Viola 'Rebecca'       9 cm pot £4.00
Fragrant, cream flowers with mauve frills.
VSF-1 Viola sororia 'Freckles'       1 litre pot £6.00
Lovely white flowers speckled with blue dots.
Code W Size Price
WTT-1 Waldsteinia ternata       1 litre pot £5.00
Bright buttercup yellow flowers over mats of bright green leaves.
WCA-1 Wulfenia carinthiaca       1 litre pot £6.00
Dense clusters of deep blue flowers on short stems.
WCD-1 Wulfenia carinthiaca 'Alba'       1 litre pot £6.00
Tubular white flowers on tall stems and scalloped evergreen foliage.
Code X Size Price
XKP-£1 Xtra payment agreed with Kevock Garden       £1 payment £1.00
Payment for an item not in the catalogue, as agreed with Kevock Garden Plants.
XBN-£1 Xtra payment for Building for the Future of Nepal       £1 payment £1.00
Contribution to the fund for housing and education projects in Nepal.
Code Z Size Price
ZOO-1 Zaluzianskya 'Orange Eye'   PC   1 litre pot £6.00
Flowers maroon outside and white inside with a central, brilliant orange blotch.
ZOA-9 Zaluzianskya ovata   AM   9 cm pot £5.00
Amazing flowers dark red outside and white inside, strongly scented in evenings.