Woodland gardens

Planting for cool, shady conditions under and around trees
Woodland 1  An urban garden was transformed by soft woodland planting. All photos are by Anna Guest. Woodland 2  Treasures tucked at the base of a tree. Woodland 3  Cool colours create a calm atmosphere. Woodland 4  A fallen tree provides a place for ferns.
Woodland 5  The planting thickens – no place for weeds. Woodland 6  Spring bulbs. Woodland 7  Dwarf forms of bulbs were chosen. Woodland 8  Foliage gives different textures.
Woodland 9  Early summer. Woodland 10  Acers give glorious colour. Woodland 11  Dark leaves of Heuchera provide a contrast. Woodland 12  Tree ferns create a wonderful canopy.
Woodland 13  A symphony of greens – a tranquil place. Woodland 14  Grasses merge with the ferns to give a different texture.