Wet gardens

Ponds, streamsides and marshy areas: challenges and opportunities
Lochan 1  A pond side in a Highland garden – but needing drastic action. Lochan 2  Planting starting on the watertight pond. Lochan 3  Hundreds of plants go in – soft, lush planting. Lochan 4  The pond becomes established.
Lochan 5  Summer colour. : JulynAugust09 Lochan 6  A great place to fish. : JulynAugust09 Lochan 7  The astilbes love the damp edge. : JulynAugust09 Lochan 8  A restful place.
Swimming pond 1  Planting round a dramatic swimming pond feature in a city garden. Swimming pond 2  Contrasting colours at the pond edge. Swimming pond 3  Astilbes add texture. Swimming pond 4  A view through the arch.
Kevock 1  In our own garden, a damp border is full of colour. Kevock 2  A drainage ditch brings moisture. Kevock 3  Primula ‘Inverewe’ thrives in the damp.