Rock gardens

Filling your garden with colour - all through the year
Roses to Rock 1  A tired rosebed – now a much better use of space! Roses to Rock 2  Filling out as the plants get established. Roses to Rock 3  One small bay can hold a lot of plants. Roses to Rock 4  Early spring colour.
Highland 1  A small hill in a Highland garden – opportunity for a rockery! Highland 2  Top dressing finished. Highland 3  Celmisias give structure. Highland 4  Now it is established. : JulynAugust09
Highland 5  Looking down from the top. : JulynAugust09 Highland 6  Looking over to the wood. : JulynAugust09 Highland 7  From the edge of the stream. Highland 8  Early summer pleasure.
Cliff 1  A cliff face - a daunting project! Cliff 2  It is steep down there – but a natural home for alpines. Cliff 3  Starting to lay out the plants. Cliff 4  Home for hundreds of small plants.
Kevock 1  Our own garden; preparing the structure with bays and different levels. Kevock 2  Summer time. Crevice 1.jpg  A small crevice garden – parallel thin rocks create the structure. Crevice 2.jpg  Planting spaces galore – for very compact plants.
Crevice 3.jpg  Top dressed with gravel. Crevice 4.jpg  There will be interest all through the year. Van 1  No project is too small – the ultimate car accessory!